Board Minutes 2007 12 Annual

Minutes of the Annual LION Board Meeting

December 18, 2007

Russell Library, Middletown, Connecticut


PRESENT: Kelly Marszycki, RA; Bridget Quinn-Carey, EX; Lydia Main, EL; Jan Day, WB; Gale Bradbury, LB/LG; Pat Johnson, WA; Cyndi Shushac, DU; Marie Shaw, EH; Katie Brossard, MC; Michelle Baker, ME; Lew Daniels, WS; Cornell McNair, NW; Nancy Wardell GU; Marcia Sokolnicki, MA; Bonny Albanese, MA; Peter Ciparelli, NL; Paula Soares, MD; Andy Gardner, LION; Alan Hagyard, LION; Mary Fiorelli, OL; Kathy Rieger, BR; Matt Beardsley, LION; Rick Widlansky, LION; Cindy Muhlbach, HA.


I.  CALL TO ORDER at 9:10 a.m.



IV.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the annual meeting of December 19, 2006 were approved as written.


  1. AUDITOR’S REPORT: Mike Solakian, our CPA reported that there are no significant deficiencies. Even though LION has a small staff duties are well segregated. The office has now switched to an accrual basis of accounting, following GAP rules. There is a 2 page letter in the packet that defines the Board’s responsibilities. This is a required disclosure for auditors. Auditors are receiving new standards that require more oversight by organizations. It is now the client’s responsibility to take ownership of the financial statements and keep up with all the numbers.
  2. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: (in packet) Mary thanked everyone for their assistance and support this past year.
  3. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT: (in packet) Alan highlighted some of LION’s accomplishments this year. He commented on how much he enjoys working for LION, the excellent staff at LION, and several projects he is looking forward to 2008.
  4. ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR’S REPORT: (in packet) Andy is looking forward to the challenge of bring Case Memorial Library in Orange into LION in July, 2008.
  5. SYSTEM MANAGER’S REPORT: (in packet) Rick brought the Board up to date on the library building projects that will be completed in 2008 and the impact on the LION staff.
  6. PERSONAL COMPUTER NETWORK MANAGER’S REPORT: (in packet) Matt spoke of the computer installations this past year and how it will be an ongoing process in 2008. He is still researching PC reservation systems to try to find one that is reasonably priced and works well. He is looking forward to the LION website redesign which will take place in 2008.

VI.  OFFICIAL DESIGNATION OF LION BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Andy noted that he has received all designations for the Board.


Peter Ciparelli presented the slate of officers for 2008: Bridget Quinn-Carey – President Katie Brossard – Vice-President Kelly Marszycki – Treasurer Kathy Rieger – Secretary The slate passed unanimously.

VIII. ADJOURNMENT: There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:41 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Rieger, Secretary

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