Annual Report, Associate Director 2007

Libraries Online, Inc.
Associate Director’s Annual Report 2007

This has been a year of refinement with regard to the LION database.  I spent the majority of my time repairing, recoding, and generally tweaking the underlying codes and parameter setups in Millennium.  While ongoing frustrations with the system continue to exist (holds and notices for example), the system as a whole is working well and member library staff are learning what the system will and will not do.  As users become more familiar with the system, they are able to point out more areas that need refinement, and so my focus has changed from simply making sure items circulate properly to helping library staff get as much out of the system as they can.

The current state of the database:

  • Bibliographic records: 678,330
  • Item records: 1,857,043
  • Authority records: 933,890
  • Order records: 23,341
  • Patron records: 282,228
  • Community Info Database records: 3,132
  • Newspaper Index Database records: 163,641

Projects accomplished:

  • Reworked loan rules and loan rule determiner tables for many LION libraries to customize to library specifications.
  • Attended Load Profile Training at Innovative headquarters and subsequently modified load tables.
  • Configured Web Access Management (Proxy server) feature.
  • Coordinated Serials Module training with Innovative trainer and set up initial serial records in Millennium.
  • Provided one-on-one training for member library staff as well as conducting several workshops on creating lists, running statistics, etc.
  • Ongoing database cleanup: duplicate records, bad codes.
  • Investigated authority cleanup and obtained pricing information from vendors.  Presented this information to LION Board and will proceed with project when appropriate.

Future projects:

  • Integrate Case Memorial Library’s holdings into the LION database.  Work with the library to create loan rules, entries in the Loan Rule Determiner Table, and other underlying coding.
  • Send bibliographic database out for authority project and perform subsequent cleanup.
  • Attend Advanced System Access and Administration (ASAA) training at Innovative headquarters in order to gain greater control over our system parameters.


Respectfully submitted,


Andy Gardner
Associate Director, Libraries Online

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