Annual Report, Associate Director 2008

Associate Director’s Annual Report 2008

The two major projects I was involved in this year at LION were the migration of Case Memorial Library (Orange) from LEAP to LION, and the authority project for LION’s bibliographic database.  Both of these projects went very well, with minimal disruption to the system.
The Orange staff was very accommodating and helpful in the migration of their data from one system to the other.  Their willingness to make all of their materials available to all LION patrons greatly contributes to our goal of simplifying the rather complex setup we currently are operating under.
For the Authority project, I was able to extract the entire bibliographic database and send off to Marcive where the bib records were examined, corrected, and sent back for reloading.  Matching authority records for names and subjects from the Library of Congress were also purchased and loaded. Having attended III’s Load Table Training, I was able to set up new loaders for the data without incurring the expense of having III set this up.  Newly created bibliographic records are being sent out for authorization on a regular basis and we are also receiving updated authority records.  Many thanks to all (especially cataloging staff) for your patience during the time the database was sent off and the time it was reloaded.

The current state of the LION database (as of 12/10/2008):

  • Bibliographic records: 724,261
  • Item records: 2,002,041
  • Authority records: 482,403
  • Order records: 62,970
  • Patron records: 305,722
  • Community Info Database records: 3,121
  • Newspaper Index Database records: 174,083

Projects accomplished, conferences attended, and other activities 2008:

  • Attended ASAA (Advanced System Access & Administration) training at III headquarters — January 2008
  • OCLC Day conference in New Haven —  February 2008
  • Trendspotting conference at University of Hartford — March 2008
  • Innovative User’s Group (IUG) conference — April 2008
  • Migration of Case Memorial Library (Orange) from LEAP to LION – June/July 2008
  • Authority project with Marcive – September 2008-ongoing
  • Innovative Public Library Consortia Meeting in Natick, MA – September 2008
  • Statewide ILS Taskforce – September 2008-ongoing
  • Tech Roundtable with Marshall Breeding Middletown – November 2008
  • LION Board, Circ, Bib Committee meetings
  • Individual LION library training and consultation for create lists, loan rule adjustments, etc.
  • Ongoing record loads for Baker and Taylor, NetLibrary, Ebrary, Brodart, Overdrive, etc.
  • Ongoing database cleanup of duplicate records, records with no holdings, etc.

Future projects:

  • Create documentation for III functionality, especially for Create Lists, Web Management Reports, and the Statistical module
  • Work with the LION Holds Taskforce to simplify the LION lending rules and adjust loan rules
  • Expand number of lists offered on the OPAC beyond New Book lists

Respectfully submitted,

Andy Gardner
Associate Director

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