Annual Report, Associate Director 2009

Libraries Online, Inc.
Associate Director’s Annual Report 2009

Each LION library now has individual loan rules in the III system, allowing for more flexibility and ease in changing circulation parameters.  This project involved examining each library’s loan rules and loan rule determiner tables and then working with library staff to fine-tune the individual rules according to the library’s preferences.  The project was undertaken within the framework of each library in the consortium sharing as much of their own material with the other libraries as possible while continuing to serve their own library’s patrons.  This proved to be a tricky balance that is often difficult to achieve.  Roughly half of the libraries cut back their notices, electing only to send out a bill after 21 days overdue.  With the individual loan rules in place, a change like this to the number of notices is much more easily accomplished.  As I put the new loan rule determiner tables in place, furthermore, I attempted to place the entries in a more logical order for ease of reading.  Having individual loan rules also allowed some LION libraries to permit holds only by those other LION libraries that reciprocated the placing of holds on such items as new books and DVDs.  These changes, along with the institution of “express collections” that no patrons (including a library’s own) can place holds on, caused the tables to undergo a major transformation this year.

The current state of the LION database (as of 12/18/2009) with last year’s numbers in parentheses:

  • Bibliographic records:                          743,548                 (724,261)
  • Item records:                                     2,092,337              (2,002,041)
  • Authority records:                                 506,601                 (482,403)
  • Order records:                                        84,694                   (62,970)
  • Patron records:                                     324,756                 (305,722)
  • Community Info Database records:          3,126                     (3,121)
  • Newspaper Index Database records:   185,332                  (174,083)

Projects accomplished, conferences attended, and other activities 2009:

  • Trendspotting Conference at University of Hartford — Jan 2009
  • Computers in Libraries, Washington D.C. –Mar 2009
  • LION libraries tour visiting each library to discuss loan rules and holds policies – Mar 2009
  • Aquabrowser Demo, Middletown CT – Sep 2009
  • CLA RDA meeting, Farmington CT – Nov 2009
  • LION Board, Circ, Bib, Holds Task Force Committee meetings
  • Individual LION library training and consultation for create lists, loan rule adjustments, etc.
  • Ongoing record loads for Baker and Taylor, Ebrary, Brodart, Overdrive, etc.
  • Ongoing database cleanup of duplicate records, records with no holdings, etc.
  • Created short III FAQ pages for easy reference on LION web page

Future projects:

  • Test, configure, and put into production the Millennium Serials Unit with a LION library
  • Expand documentation of III procedures on LION webpage

Respectfully submitted,
Andy Gardner
Associate Director, Libraries Online

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