Annual Report, Associate Director 2010

Libraries Online, Inc.
Associate Director’s Annual Report 2010



We continue to make progress in presenting an accurate and clean database to LION users.  Much time is spent generating reports and lists for LION catalogers and circulation staff to use for tracking down missing in-transit items, identifying holds that have reached the end of the line, and fixing volume information that stops LION wide holds from being placed.  My thanks to all LION library staff who tolerate my weekly lists and reports and actively clean up the system.  The upgrade to the new Millennium release, 2009B, seemed to have the effect of pushing our aging firewall to the limit; once the firewall was replaced, Millennium has been operating with few problems.  A new look for the Web OPAC is currently under way and should be in place by the time we expand the LION family.  Plans to add the LEAP libraries to LION will provide an opportunity for further streamlining of our existing loan rules and tables and should prove to make for a busy new year.


The current state of the LION database (as of 12/8/2010) with last year’s numbers in parentheses:

  • Bibliographic records:                              759,347           (743,548)
  • Item records:                                        2,133,519         (2,092,337)
  • Authority records:                                    534,772            (506,601)
  • Order records:                                         119,370              (84,694)
  • Patron records:                                        321,442            (324,756)
  • Community Info Database records:             3,158                (3,126)
  • Newspaper Index Database records:       194,878            (185,332)


Projects accomplished, conferences attended, and other activities 2010:

  • Innovative User’s Group
  • CLA RDA meeting, Farmington CT
  • CT Consortia, Northeast Consortia meetings
  • LION Board, Circ, Bib, Pac, Tech, Acq Committee meetings
  • Individual LION library training and consultation for create lists, loan rule adjustments, etc.
  • Ongoing record loads for Baker and Taylor, Ebrary, Brodart, Overdrive, Midwest, etc.
  • Ongoing database cleanup of duplicate records, records with no holdings, stale holds, etc.
  • Upgrade to Millennium 2009B
  • Web OPAC redesign in process
  • LEAP libraries’ collection analysis and integration into LION in process


Future projects:

  • Integrate LEAP libraries into LION
  • Finish Web OPAC redesign
  • Explore adding OCLC record numbers to all LION records which will allow LION holdings in OCLC


Respectfully submitted,

Andy Gardner
Associate Director, Libraries Online

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