Annual Report, Associate Director 2011

Libraries Online, Inc.
Associate Director’s Annual Report 2011


The major project for 2011 was adding the former LEAP libraries to the LION database. The roughly 6 month period from January to June 2011 was dedicated to transferring the data from the LEAP database and configuring the setup for the LION III environment.  In mid June we began circulating items from two North Branford libraries (Atwater and Smith), the North Haven Memorial Library, and 3 West Haven libraries (Main, Piantino, and Ora Mason branches) as well as from the West Haven Bookmobile.  The smooth transition was possible because of the cooperation of the former LEAP librarians, who have been gracious in accepting the LION way of doing things as they joined the 22 existing members.  A new look for the OPAC was also put in place with a great deal of input from the newly renamed LUX (LION User Experiences) committee.

The current state of the LION database (as of 12/5/2011) with last year’s numbers in parentheses:

  • Bibliographic records:                         840,708                     (759,347)
  • Item records:                                    2,516,469                  (2,133,519)
  • Authority records:                                588,956                     (534,772)
  • Order records:                                     155,947                     (119,370)
  • Patron records:                                     380,862                    (321,442)
  • Community Info Database records:          3,168                        (3,158)
  • Newspaper Index Database records:   203,561                     (194,878)


Projects accomplished, conferences attended, and other activities 2011:

  • LEAP Libraries migration
  • OPAC redesign
  • Innovative User’s Group Annual Conference
  • Innovative Workshop on OPAC design
  • CT Consortia meetings
  • LION Board, Circ, Bib, LUX  Committee meetings
  • Individual LION library training and consultation for create lists, loan rule adjustments, etc.
  • Ongoing record loads for Baker and Taylor, Ebrary, Brodart, Overdrive, Midwest, etc.
  • Ongoing database cleanup of duplicate records, records with no holdings, stale holds, etc.


Future projects:

  • LION will move to the new III Sierra platform from our existing III Millennium platform during 2012.  Setup, testing, and training will take place as we move to a system that should allow better access to the information in our database.
  • Create and expand documentation for users of the LION cataloging and circulation modules.


Respectfully submitted,
Andy Gardner
Associate Director, Libraries Online

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