Annual Report, Associate Director 2016

Libraries Online, Inc.
Associate Director’s Annual Report 2016


2016 presented new projects for LION staff: some familiar, some unfamiliar, and some technically challenging. Middlefield’s Levi Coe Library joined LION in January and is a welcome addition to the consortium. The integration of their records into the shared catalog went very smoothly. Upgrades, adjustments, and troubleshooting continued as always with the Sierra system and we performed two system upgrades during the year. A challenge to present “Best Practices” was met by the LION Circulation Policies Task Force and produced a draft document that provided a clear outline for encouraging increased cooperation among the LION libraries by advocating for more uniform loan periods, fines, and the like. This effort, unfortunately, was immediately followed by the State Library’s decision to reduce patron holds and reduce deliveries to and from the LION libraries. Numerous meetings and discussions were held on how best to handle the new guidelines and we are still working through this new reality. A decision to add the Shoutbomb messaging system provided an opportunity to work through various SQL, FTP, and scripting puzzles and ultimately proved successful.

The current state of the LION database (as of 12/9/16) with last year’s numbers in parentheses:

• Bibliographic records: 831,594 (836,328)
• Item records: 2,597,100 (2,617,126)
• Authority records: 702,705 (681,924)
• Order records: 203,817 (173,364)
• Patron records: 450,716 (441,392)

Projects accomplished, conferences attended, and other activities 2016:

• Middlefield/Levi Coe Library migration from Verso stand alone to Sierra (January 2016)
• Scheduled and monitored Sierra system upgrades as needed, currently on v. 2.3.0_4
• Attended Innovative User’s Group Meeting, San Francisco (Mar 2016)
• Attended several DeliverIT CT meetings as LION representative
• CT Consortia quarterly meetings
• LION Board, Circ, Bib Committee meetings
• Attended Excel training workshop
• Individual LION library training and consultation for create lists, loan rule adjustments, etc.
• Web based SQL training

Respectfully submitted,
Andy Gardner
Associate Director, Libraries Online
December 2016

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