Annual Report, Executive Director 2010

Executive Director’s Annual Report 2010



This has turned out to be a very busy year for LION.  We have changed and added to the Millennium and Overdrive systems. We have replaced some central systems. We have made some administrative adjustments. And, our quest for new members has resulted in the acceptance of three LEAP libraries.



We began the year by designing new notices which could be printed on a laser printer, folded and sealed on a special machine, and mailed directly. This has streamlined the process and allowed us to send daily overdues.  We looked into switching from OCLC to SkyRiver for the provision of MARC records, and got so far as to put it into production for a few weeks. But we felt that the potential savings were more than offset by the workflow issues, so we are continuing with the OCLC setup.  In the Spring, we beta tested a mobile opac from LibraryThing, and went live with it in the Fall. In September we upgraded the system software to Release 2009B.


We added downloadable eBooks to the Overdrive product in January, and through November have 363 titles which have been checked out 4476 times. We anticipate that the popularity of eBooks will accelerate in 2011.  The audio collection has grown to 1600 titles, and the number of downloads will reach 23000 by year end, a 44% increase.


In part due to the success of the program and in part due to the reliability of PCs, we were able to suspend the PC replacement program for a year to give the tech staff some relief while we took the time to assess the LION services and staffing requirements.


We installed a new Mail Server in the Spring, and we installed a new Firewall server in the Fall.



The use of the new notices required some changes in the procedures and resulted in the elimination of the part time clerical position.


We were presented a very large increase in the health insurance premiums, so we explored other options and ultimately switched carriers to keep the costs in line.


This Task Force has been charged with generating a new fee structure which better reflects the current operations, and looking at the services provided to assess which services should be included in the fees and which should be billed separately.  The Task Force has developed a structure which simplifies the fee calculation and more fairly allocates the costs of operation.



The only change in the staffing is the layoff of Mary Nimani because of the reworked notices.


LION staff were trained on the SkyRiver system.  Andy attended an RDA workshop.


LION was represented at ALA Midwinter, PLA National, ALA annual, Computers in Libraries Conference, Innovative Users Group, Connecticut Innovative Users meeting, Northeast Consortia meeting, Connecticut Consortia Quarterly meetings, and CT Technology Roundtables. The LION staff has driven over 21,000 miles to serve the member libraries.


Libraries Online continues with a strong financial position.


We will be adding the three LEAP libraries (North Haven, North Branford, West Haven) in 2011. We can then consider some of the other libraries bordering LION. As the eBook phenomenon grows, we will continue to add to our Overdrive collection and look at options for expanding our services to patrons.


Libraries Online continues to evolve, both in terms of services offered and in terms of membership. With our solid and steady staff, we will continue to serve the member libraries with distinction.

Alan Hagyard
Executive Director

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