Annual Report Executive Director 2012

Executive Director’s Annual Report 2012



This year went pretty much according to expectations. We added a staff position for the first time in my tenure. We worked through a major system upgrade. Through it all we kept the libraries online and functioning at a high level.



We committed to the Sierra upgrade in 2011. Innovative gave us a peek at it in May, but the intense work began in the Fall. In October we had the new servers installed, and the Millennium system was moved to the new server and upgraded to the most current release. In November we began the “Preview” and our set up of Sierra, and on December 4 Sierra was brought to life and turned over to the libraries. While not flawless, the transition has been reasonably smooth, and we expect that Innovative will be addressing problems with regular updates.


When Random House tripled their prices in March, LION responded by declaring a moratorium on purchases from that publisher. This led to a meeting with a Random House executive and also creation of a LION eBook task force. By August, the Random House prices began to drop, and LION resumed purchasing on a limited basis.

The LUX committee gave Overdrive specifications for a new Web Design which went into service in November.

In August LION hosted a visit of the Overdrive Bookmobile to promote downloadables.


Throughout the year CEN installed Fiber connections in a number of LION libraries and finally at the LION office. In October the Sierra servers were installed in the LION computer room with a new Uninterruptible Power Supply. To take full advantage of the Fiber connection we installed a new router.


The Planning Committee updated and revised the LION By-Laws and Guidelines (now Membership Agreement). A major change was the shifting of the term of the elected offices to the fiscal year (July – June).

Patty and Matt created a completely new LION website.



LION had been preparing to add a part time position of Workstation Technician, but in the Spring the Board decided to make the position fulltime. Justin Strickland was hired and started July 1. To underline the stability of LION, this is the first change in our fulltime staff in 6 years.


LION staff attended (physically or on the Web) a variety of training sessions including RDA webinars, OCLC training, Continuing Resources Class, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, TIAA/CREF Plan Sponsors Training, WordPress Webinar, WordPress Workshops, Excel Workshops, and Outlook Workshop. Much of what LION does includes a great deal of on the job training which, while not formal, does require time and effort.


LION was represented at the Innovative Users Group and the Connecticut Consortia Quarterly meetings, The LION staff has driven over 21000 mile to serve the member libraries.


Our strong financial position has allowed us to continue with a minimal fee increase. We will finance the cost of the Sierra upgrade with our reserve funds.


We will be working with Innovative and the other early adopters to smooth the rough edges of Sierra. The Acton Library (Old Saybrook) has committed to joining LION and will be brought online in the Spring of 2013.


By moving to the Sierra platform, LION is creating a stable base for the next five years. We will be able to explore new opportunities in terms of systems and service, as well as offering the benefits of LION membership to appropriate libraries.

Alan Hagyard
Executive Director

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