Annual Report Executive Director 2013

Executive Director’s Annual Report 2013


Still looking for that quiet year when we coast along just doing what we’ve done. This wasn’t it. New software, new libraries, new downloadable offering. As always our great staff did it all and kept LION on an even keel.



We were ne month into Sierra at the beginning of 2013. While we weren’t a Beta site, as an early adopter, we were likely to encounter a few more problems than those coming on later. Generally Innovative addressed issues with quick turnaround so the year was fairly smooth.


This downloadable magazine service was proposed, evaluated by the LUX committee, and finally approved by the Board. The service started in October and is working reasonably well. The initial statistics are encouraging, but we will make a full evaluation in 2014.


We outgrew our existing email software, so installed a new mail server with a new software package. Some bumps in the road, but overall the service is proving to be an improvement.


The Acton Public Library of Old Saybrook joined LION and went live on May 7. Andy and I performed the full conversion, doing an extract from their KOHA system, setting up the policies and the load parameters on the Sierra system, and loading their records (bibliographic, item and patron) and generating their circulation transactions.

The Clark Memorial Library of Bethany joined us and we have been working with them to prepare for their go live date – January 7, 2014.

We spent time helping the Hamden Public Library convince their town administration that joining LION would be beneficial to the Library and the town, nad the will be coming on board in the Spring of 2014.


An influx of new library directors prompted the creation of an ad hoc Orientation Committee. We developed some guidelines for helping new directors understand the workings of LION, and held the first “new director’s orientation meeting” in December.



Once again, the LION staff remains stable as Justin has settled in for his first full year with us.


LION staff attended (physically or on the Web) a variety of training sessions including RDA training and Sierra SQL Webinar. Much of what LION does includes a great deal of on the job training which, while not formal, does require time and effort.


LION was represented at ALA Midwinter, the Innovative Users Group, Computers in Libraries and the Connecticut Consortia Quarterly meetings, The LION staff have driven over 28000 miles to serve the member libraries.


Our strong financial position has allowed us to continue with a minimal fee increase. We are financing the cost of the first year of ZINIO from our reserve funds.


Bethany will go live in January and Hamden in May. We will do a full evaluation of ZINIO, and look at other products that might do well as consortial offerings.

Alan Hagyard
Executive Director

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