Annual Report, PC Network Manager 2007

PC Network Manager’s Annual Report
2007 Annual Report

2007 Summary

We continued to maintain/upgrade the existing computer hardware. There are 314 IBM computers and 79 new Dells in the LION libraries. In 2007, I completed over 300 work orders at the libraries.

We assisted Guilford and Wallingford with their building projects.

LION installed 79 new Dell computers in the libraries.

Over 50 IBM computers were redeployed for public use or to replace older computers.

Linux Thin Client Systems: In February, we upgraded Essex and Branford to the new K12LTSP software and Fedora 6 operating system. The new software and operating system included many system enhancements, and remote troubleshooting capabilities.

We upgraded our Linux Apache web server to the Fedora 6 operating system.

We replaced the Track It server at Lion. The server handles our helpdesk work order database. It also manages computer hardware (IBMs and Dells) and software assets. The new server is Microsoft Vista ready so we will be ready when we order new computers with Vista.

The Woodbridge and Wallingford library both use Vendprint’s PC reservation and print management software. LION has upgraded, maintained, and added additional public computers to the systems.

2008 Plans

The software, hardware, and systems are constantly changing. For me, every day is different and I enjoy the working with all the library staff. Here are a few of the projects coming up in 2008:

  • Although the 314 IBM PCs are no longer under warranty, LION has spare parts available and will continue to repair them.
  • 42 new Dell desktop computers to be installed in Wallingford.
  • Install new Track It client version 8 on all new Dell computers.
  • Our PC replacements for 2008 will be broken down to monthly orders of 6 or 7 computers. This will spread the installations out over the year which will be better for the libraries.
  • LION will assist the libraries that have renovation plans underway.
  • LION website redesign to be completed in 2008.
  • We will work with the new LION member, Orange, to ensure a smooth transition!
  • The new Dell Optiplex desktop computers have gigabit network capability. We will continue to upgrade the network switches to accommodate gigabit speed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Matt Beardsley
PC Network Manager

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