Annual Report, PC Network Manager 2009

PC Network Manager’s
Annual Report: 2009


2009 Summary:

  • Currently, Lion supports close to 800 computers, various custom systems, networks, and a wide array of hardware. I continued to maintain and upgrade the existing computer hardware and systems. In 2009, I completed over 340 work orders at the libraries.
  • LION is continuously in the process of purchasing and dispersing about 70 new Dell computers within the libraries every year. I also installed 16 additional computers bought by the libraries.
  • Public print management and reservation systems: The Woodbridge and Wallingford libraries both use the ALPS PC reservation and print management software. New London runs Vendprint (VAM) reservation. Envisionware systems are installed at both Guilford and Meriden.  Old Lyme has TLM (time limit manager) by Fortres Grande. PQM (print queue management) is being used at Blackstone.
  • OPAC (catalog only PC): I reloaded/imaged 51 out of 92 opacs with the latest software and configuration.
  • Linux Thin Client Systems: (3) systems are in use (Rathbun, Blackstone, Essex). Although I have updated the systems several times, thin clients are becoming less viable for serving some of the latest patron needs. Thin clients still serve well as opac catalog only units and can be configured for that purpose.


2010 Plans:

Here are a few of the projects coming up in 2010:

            • Additional libraries have expressed interest in PC reservation/print management systems for their public PCs. As libraries continue to add more computers and technology related services, the need for automated systems is definitely growing.
            • Our PC replacements for 2010 will continue to be installed on a monthly basis. Lion will purchase and install about 6 new computers per month. The new Dells have the Windows 7 operating system. This is whole a new learning experience as far as installing and troubleshooting.
            • We are moving towards getting all public PCs on a 6 month maintenance schedule. Staff requests/upgrades will be bundled together for efficiency, while serious issues and failures will be attended to immediately.
            • I will continue to fully reload and clone public PCs everywhere so they have the latest software and are consistent. I plan to finish reloading the remaining catalog only PCs over the next few months.


Respectfully Submitted,

Matt Beardsley, PC Network Manager

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