Annual Report, PC Network Manager 2010

PC Network Manager’s
Annual Report: 2010 

2010 Summary:

  • Currently, Lion supports 796 computers, various custom systems, multiple networks, and a wide array of hardware. I continued to maintain and upgrade the existing computer hardware and systems. In 2010, I completed over 320 work orders at the libraries. Work orders involve anything from 30 minutes to install a new printer, a few hours repairing a hardware failure, to 30 hours installing an entire system. Please see the attached a chart which has a detailed monthly rundown of work completed.
  • I installed 25 Lion purchased PCs the first half of the year as part of the PC replacement plan. Lion deferred the PC replacement plan the second half of the year. In 2010, I also installed 48 additional computers purchased by the libraries. The new computer installs were accompanied by over 50 redeployments of existing computers.
  • Lion supports 317 public internet computers at the libraries. These are computers custom configured to be used by a thousand patrons per year. The configurations are locked down for patron privacy and to protect the integrity of the computer. This year, I was able to update all software and apply staff requests on 268 of them.
  • I developed a procedure to configure new Windows 7 computers for patron use. I’ve implemented this successfully at Orange, Ledyard Bill, Meriden, and New London.
  • Public reservation and print management systems: I continued to maintain the various systems active at the Lion libraries. I installed the Envisionware reservation and print management system at Russell. I replaced the outdated vendprint system at New London with an Envisionware system. I configured Guilford and Meriden to be able to offer wireless printing to patrons with laptops. I upgraded the Envisionware system in Meriden to accommodate their new windows 7 public PCs. I updated the ALPs system and replaced the public printing setup in Woodbridge.
  • OPAC (catalog only PC): I reloaded/imaged 45 opac computers (51 were reloaded last year). They are configured with the firefox browser. They are locked down in kiosk mode and setup according to library staff requests.
  • Linux Thin Client Systems: I continued to support the (3) systems that are in use (Rathbun, Blackstone, Essex). Although I have updated all of the systems several times, thin clients are becoming less viable for serving some of the latest patron needs. Thin clients still serve well as opac catalog only units and will be configured for that purpose.

2011 Goals and Plans:

Here are a few of the projects coming up in 2011:

  • Additional libraries have expressed interest in PC reservation/print management systems for their public PCs. As libraries continue to add more computers and technology related services, the need for automated systems is definitely growing
  • Lion will apply the necessary CEN DNS changes to all computers on that network.
  • We hope to reinstate the Lion PC replacement plan for the fiscal year starting July 2011. The new computer installs will be scheduled on a monthly basis to replace computers utilized for iii.
  • We are moving towards getting all public PCs on a 12 month maintenance schedule. Staff requests/upgrades will be bundled together for efficiency, while serious issues and failures will be attended to immediately.
  • I am currently working on replacing our current web server which hosts 13 websites. The new server will have the latest Linux operating system software and support wordpress (several libraries have inquired about using wordpress). It will offer high performance as well as more storage capacity.


Respectfully Submitted,


Matt Beardsley, PC Network Manager

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