Annual Report, PC Network Manager 2011

PC Network Manager’s
Annual Report: 2011

2011 Summary:

  • Lion expanded and acquired new members this year- West Haven, North Haven, North Branford, and Northford. The July transition went smoothly with team work and planning. Currently, Lion supports over 800 computers, various hardware and systems, and multiple networks. The equipment is located at 31 library buildings. In 2011, I completed 262 work orders onsite at the libraries. Work orders can involve anything from 30 minutes to repair a PC, to 30 hours installing an entire system.
  • New computers: I’m on schedule to install 32 new computers as part of the Lion PC replacement plan. In addition, I’m on track to install 39 computers purchased by the libraries. The new computer installs are accompanied by over 70 full reloads and redeployments of existing PCs.
  • Lion fully supports over 300 public internet computers at the libraries. They are custom configured for each library to be potentially used by thousands of patrons per year. The configurations are locked down for patron privacy and to protect the integrity of the computer. I’m on track to update  software and apply staff requests on 198 of them within a 12 month period.
  • OPAC (catalog only PC): We support 96 opac computers, and I’m on schedule to reload/image 55 of them. They are configured with the firefox browser, locked down in a custom kiosk mode.
  • Patron reservation and print management systems: I continued to support the various systems active at the Lion libraries. I upgraded the patron systems at Guilford, Old Lyme, Meriden, and Middletown. I will upgrade the system at New London next. I also maintain the remaining thin client systems at Rathbun, and Essex.
  • File servers and network storage: I replaced the file server at GU, installed one at New London and another at the Lion office.
  • Lion hosts 14 websites, and I replaced our web server in March 2011. A few of the libraries hosted by Lion have implemented new web sites- Ledyard, Old Lyme, and West Haven.

2012 Plans:

  • We will continue to support the network, systems, and hardware at the libraries. We will move forward with upgrades, new technology and ideas.
  • The Lion PC replacement plan is in place to provide the libraries with new computers for iii. Libraries can purchase additional computers thru lion as well. While installing new computers, we redeploy existing computers. This “computer shuffle” results in the oldest ones being retired.
  • We have a plan in place to update all public PCs on a 12 month maintenance schedule. Staff requests/upgrades will be bundled together for efficiency, while critical issues and failures will be attended to immediately.


Respectfully Submitted,

Matt Beardsley, PC Network Manager

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