Annual Report, PC Network Manager 2015

2015 PC Network Manager’s Report

2015 Summary:

LION continues to add innovative services and expand its membership. We welcomed the East Haddam Free Public Library as a new member in January. Our team supports the computers, numerous networks, and a variety of library systems residing at 37 buildings. The equipment includes: 1084 computers, over 200 printers, 60 Wi-Fi routers and an array of network hardware. Lion staff installed a total of 104 new PCs this year. I completed 291 work orders onsite at the libraries during 2015. We host 21 websites on our web server located in our data center. I worked with library staff and website developers to implement new sites for OR, MA, RB/RA, NB/NT.

Library Computers:

436 staff computers – LION’s PC replacement plan provides new computers to members annually. Member libraries are allocated new computers based on their quantity of Sierra ILS ports. Libraries may purchase additional computers thru Lion and we will install those as well. In addition to installing new computers, we fully reload and redeploy existing computers.

534 public internet computers – these PCs are heavily used by thousands of patrons every year. We consult with library staff to custom configure the patron computers for each individual library. The configurations are locked down for patron privacy and to protect the integrity of the computer. Staff requested changes and software upgrades are bundled together for efficiency, while critical issues and failures are resolved immediately. Annually, LION schedules a maintenance project to update all software, including any reservation/print management systems within the library. The active reservation/print management systems at the libraries include – Envisionware, Cassie, SAM, TLM, and PQM. Servers running Deepfreeze for public computer security are installed at GU, ME, WA, OS, NW, and HM.

114 OPAC (catalog only PCs) – all are configured with the firefox web browser, locked down in a custom kiosk mode. This allows full catalog functionality, while blocking patrons from general internet browsing.

2016 Projects:

Windows 10 plan: New PCs are being installed with Windows 10. We have determined that Dell 3010, 3020 or better computers are candidates for the operating system upgrade to 10. Each library can decide if they would like those candidates upgraded.

Opac replacements: We are planning to replace all opacs with a “mini PC” unit running Linux. These small devices conserve 85% less energy than the current opacs. This widespread replacement will retire 100 PCs still running windows xp.

Faronics software: Libraries with existing Deepfreeze servers were offered “Cloud connector” bundle pricing. This add-on will automatically update java, flash, browsers, Microsoft windows, etc. The installations will occur in January.

Respectfully Submitted,
Matt Beardsley, PC Network Manager

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