Annual Report, President 2007

LION Annual President’s Report

December 18, 2007

I am pleased to have served as the LION Board President in our first full year with III’s Millennium. First and foremost, we have moved forward in our knowledge of the III system, learning in greater depth its capabilities as well as exploring how we can maximize Millennium for our member libraries. Our standing committees have completed revised Circulation and Bibliographic Manuals; more changes may be necessary in the future as we implement other functionalities or new ones are developed by the vendor. The Statistics Task Force created new procedures for the collection and reporting of circulation statistics to insure consistency in our reporting to library boards and the Connecticut State Library. The PAC Committee working with Alan and Andy will be upgrading the OPAL interface in the coming year. These activities demonstrate one of LION’s strengths which are action oriented governance by member participation.

The second major theme of this year has been new and emerging technologies (Library Thing, PrepMe, and Overdrive) considered for implementation, bringing about the formation of an Emerging Technologies Committee to monitor and recommend new products and services to the consortium. The use of a committee blog has been proposed to facilitate discussion and reduce face to face meeting time.

Our very capable and talented Executive Director, Alan Hagyard, has frequently analyzed overhead costs to realize savings by eliminating old products no longer needed, recommending that our funds be put to better use or held for future needs. These cost savings are allowing us to venture into new initiatives such as Overdrive downloadable audio books and planning for outsourcing of authority control in the future. The planned PC replacement was handled with an eye to cost effective purchases and how to implement successfully with members’ ongoing building projects.

Planning to plan was a major concern among our members. With Suzanne Risley stepping forward to chair LION’s Planning Committee, a consultant has been selected to lead our Strategic Planning process in 2008.

Membership growth has been realized thanks to Alan’s ability to rethink membership costs and proposals. Case Memorial Library of Orange will join the ranks in 2008, perhaps leading the way for more libraries to follow.

Thank you to all of the LION staff and committee chairs for their continued excellence in providing service and addressing member needs. I look forward to the development of the new Strategic Plan that will drive LION’s future.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Fiorelli
LION President

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