Annual Report, President 2008

LION President’s Report – 2008

Thank you to the LION Board for having me serve as your president these past few months.  We were off to a slightly rocky start with Bridget Quinn-Carey beginning her term as President of the LION Board in January 2008 and then, very quickly, accepting the opportunity to move to New York in a new position as library director at Buffalo and Erie County Public Library.  Mary Fiorelli came back to the President’s seat to transition us for awhile and then I assumed the President duties several months later.

Our thrust for this year was developing a Strategic Plan for LION to give us direction for the next several years.  We heard from Kevin McCarthy, a library consultant, who met with the Strategic Planning committee, the LION staff, and the Board.  He compiled data that gave us a jump start toward writing a plan.  The most beneficial meeting was when we gathered at Mitchell College to work out many of the details of the plan and select the most important to cover.  A blog was subsequently set up to obtain feed-back from the Board and other library staff.  The Strategic Planning committee will meet early in 2009 to finalize the plan.
The LION staff has worked very hard this past year under Alan’s excellent leadership, especially with three libraries moving into new construction or newly remodeled buildings and then needing many of the services that LION provides to its member libraries.  We were also pleased to accept Case Memorial Library in Orange, with Library Director Meryl Farber, as a new member of LION.
All of the committees of LION have worked hard this year on various tasks ranging from OPAC design to loan rules.  There are always things that come up throughout the year and we are lucky to have committee chairs that call meetings and accomplish their tasks in a productive manner.

I would like to thank Kelly Marszycki who has served us well as Treasurer of LION.  She will be stepping down at this time to focus on other things.  Also I would like to thank Katie Brossard who has served as LION’s Vice-President.  Suzanne Risley will be coming back to 5he Board as the representative of Mitchell Co9llege.  Katie will still serve as the alternate representative and will also remain on the Emerging Technologies committee.  Both Kelly and Katie accomplished admirable all the tasks involved with their positions.

Thanks again to all of the LION staff, Board members and committee chairs for their continued excellence in providing service and addressing member needs.  I look forward to our new Strategic Plan and the probability of positive changes in our future.

Kathy Rieger

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