Annual Report, President 2013

LION President’s Report – 2013

2013 was a year of progress for LION. Early in the year LION received several inquiries about potential new membership and a slew of conversations took place to evaluate each respective candidacy by both parties.

In early 2013 Acton Library from Old Saybrook joined LION. Acton’s collection and location strengthen the coastal influence of LION in eastern Connecticut. Old Saybrook really took our “bordering a LION library” criteria to heart because it’s surrounded on all 3 sides by LION members. In the coming days the Clark Memorial Library from Bethany will be the newest member of LION. Bethany shares a high school district with LION members Orange and Woodbridge, so the fit is seamless.

Hamden Library has also been approved to join LION in 2014. Hamden had a rather arduous journey to be able to join a consortium and we’re so pleased they chose LION, which will help strengthen our consortium as well as further latch onto the highly populated geographic corridor of Route 91 and the Wilbur Cross Parkway.

In July 2013, RDA cataloging standards were incorporated by LION and its member libraries to replace AACR2. Catalogers are working with the new standards and are gaining experience with this new cataloging system.

In August 2013, member libraries approved the purchase of the Zinio platform for 12 months to be paid for from LION’s reserves. A committee was formed to select 191 initial titles for Zinio and they are now accessible for patrons to download for free to any device through all member libraries. We will collect data usage as we move into 2014 and then have discussion on the future of Zinio.

An Orientation Task Force was formed to get a sense of what new member libraries who joined LION, as well as new administers to LION libraries, would like to learn at a LION orientation. In the end the task forced decided there would be two parts to orientation, a site visit to LION and a working relationship with a “buddy” library. Each new member of LION will be assigned a “buddy” library. Bethany will have Woodbridge as its “buddy” library in the coming months. In December 2013, the first LION portion of the orientation was attended by 3 members.

With all of the new libraries that have joined LION recently I’d like to mention how grateful we are to have the tremendous staff support that we have at LION. Despite all of the new member libraries to join LION we’ve only added 1 staff member to help offset the increased workload. LION staff has been invaluable in their patience, perspective, and ability to multitask and hand hold member libraries though the ever changing technology age. Thanks to all of you!

Todd Fabian
LION President December 2013

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