Annual Report, Systems Manager 2008

System Manager Report
2008 Annual Report

This year (2008) was an exceptionally busy year for the Technical Staff here at LION.

July 1st, 2008 Orange went live.
This involved switching their telecommunication circuit (DSL) to LION, changing IP Addresses on roughly 50 PC’s, installing several new PC’s, moving their website to our server, setting up their e-mail, etc, etc…. They also have a separate Cable Company Internet connection for their Public Wireless which we assumed responsibility for.

The stuff that kept us most busy this year is Wallingford, Guilford and Westbrook all moving into their newly renovated buildings. This pushed Matt and myself right to the brink as we tried to accommodate their moves while still trying to maintain some sort of helpdesk for everyone else. I’d like to thank everyone for their patience with us while we were busy working in these new building. The short of it is, between these three buildings (besides countless meetings) we installed well over 200 PC’s (many receipt printers and scanners, wireless mice and keyboards), over a dozen wireless access points, countless printers, Vendprint, Envisionware (both with money machines), etc, etc… the list goes on and on as you would expect for a new building.

To a lesser degree, but still not insignificant as far as work goes, Durham and Bill Library also did some renovation work this year. As I write this, those are still works in progress.

I installed a Self Check Unit at Durham back in early May. Currently they are the only library with Self Check. It seems to be well received by the patrons.

To make a long story short, Matt and I currently maintain over 700 PC’s, 3 Thin Client Systems, Some form of Wireless (over 40 access points, some with splash page servers), all the printers, receipt printers, barcode readers, barcode scanners, Vendprint, Envisionware, Fortress Time Limit Manager, iii Server, E-Mail Server (350 + e-mail accounts), a Web Server, Barracuda Spam Filter, and all the Telecomm Routers and Switches (Frame Relay, DSL, Fiber), IP Address schemes, PIX Firewall, and I am sure countless other things I am forgetting.

As a “oh by the way” we also print roughly 1,400 Overdue notices a week and do routine stuff like E-Mail notices everyday and make sure things get backed up. We also handle most of the Member Sale ordering for things like barcode scanners, receipt printers, receipt printer paper, etc…

And if this isn’t enough, we also ordered and installed over 70 NEW DELL LION owned PC’s and for most of those redeployed the old PC somewhere else as a Public Internet PC or OPAC.

All –In – All  I would say it was one of the busiest years I can ever remember here at LION. As most of the building projects are now done, we turn our attention to maintaining those new systems we installed. As technology is always changing, I anticipate new and exciting things coming our way in 2009. I would like to replace our aging e-mail server and software this year, add some network security at the gateway level of each library, and I have had requests for new features for the wireless splash pages and wireless printing. Maybe now I will have time to investigate how to make these things happen. No rest for the wicked (err, I mean weary).


Richard Widlansky
Systems Manager

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