Annual Report, Workstation Technician 2015

Workstation Technician
Annual Report 2015

As always, when looking in retrospect, another year has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Now after three years with Lion, it is becoming apparent to me that there is no typical year in our consortium, as we keep pace with the steady march of progress, growing and adapting. With the services offered at our libraries evolving, and things like maker spaces beginning to hit their stride, I am delighted to realize that working in our member libraries will always continue to expand my horizons and provide new fascinating learning experiences.

In 2015, I tended to 104 on site work-order tickets that totaled over 800 hours. The bulk of this consisted of the installation of 23 new desktop pcs, and a handful of laptops, the redeployment of the computers that were replaced, as well as updating 233 public computers, sometimes working as a team with Matt. Other on-site support involved virus removal, and diagnosis of intermittent problems as well as several warranty-parts replacements.

Highlights of the year include working with Matt and Rick to reconfigure the network and pcs of the East Haddam Free Public Library during their transition to Lion, as well as the reconfiguration of the computers at Scranton, now that they are receiving their full support through Lion as well. It was a joy working with Bonny Albanese who helped organize the transition

This past spring, I made sure to keep abreast of the developer preview releases of Windows 10 so as to get an understanding for what changes were in store for our patrons and library staff, and gave a short demonstration of the newest features at one of our LUX meetings. I worked to test it for patron use and with Matt’s help determined we would have to wait for support from some of our software vendors such as Faronics Deep- Freeze and Envisionware before any wide-spread roll-outs could occur. We’ve started installing 10 now by default on new computers, and I am always sure to make myself available to any staff who would like a tour of the new operating system.

In September, Rick and I attended a seminar at the CEN outlining the use and management of Minecraft Servers in a library setting, and immediately received an outpouring of eager interest. Rick and I set up a server that I have been configuring since. I have been working with Kayleigh Sprague of the Wallingford Public library, who has taken the role of the chair of Minecraft Committee to drum up support for the future moderation and publication of the Lion Minecraft server. Going into 2016, I will be working with library staff to provide them with training on administering on our server in order to provide our younger patrons with a fun, safe environment in which to play and learn.

I’m looking forward to supporting our libraries as they continue to evolve into the communities’ hubs of learning and entertainment. The changes I’ve seen at Lion over the past several years are truly exciting and I hope to bring that same enthusiasm to my work going forward.

Respectfully Submitted,
Justin Strickland, Workstation Technician

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