Annual Report, President 2010

LION President’s Report – 2010

Thank you to the LION Board for the opportunity to serve as your president for another year, and what an exciting year it was! Our biggest news is that three libraries from LEAP have made a decision to join LION. West Haven Public Library in West Haven; North Haven Memorial Library in North Haven; and Atwater Memorial Library and Edward Smith Library in North Branford. Executive Director Alan Hagyard is to be commended for the excellent job he did negotiating with the LEAP libraries and getting the best deal possible with Innovative.

We are still working through the implications of a weak economy which has plagued our state budget. Our libraries have also felt the pinch. Fortunately, LION is in a solid financial position, although we are always looking at ways to save money and use our funds effectively.

The Planning Committee continues to meet to make sure the Board is on track with the tasks we have outlined. We have accomplished one of our goals which was to grow our membership. We will continue to look at other libraries as well, as we determine how much growth we want for LION.

All of the committees of LION have worked hard this year on various tasks ranging from OPAC design to loan rules. There are always things that come up throughout the year and we are lucky to have committee chairs that call meetings and accomplish their tasks in a productive manner. I would like to thank my fellow officers, Richard Conroy, Treasurer, Karen Roesler, Secretary, and Cindy Muhlbach, Vice-President for their leadership.

The LION staff has worked very hard this past year under Alan’s excellent leadership. A new firewall was recently installed, which has helped our overall system. We have several new library directors that have joined our group. Todd Fabian replaced Jan Day at Woodbridge Town Library. Jan retired in June. Suzanne Maryeski replaced Peter Ciparelli at the Public Library of New London. Peter is now the library director at Killingly Public Library.

Thanks again to all of the LION staff, Board members and committee chairs for their continued excellence in providing service and addressing member needs. I look forward to 2011 and the positive changes that will take place in LION as well as the contributions of our new members.

Kathy Rieger
LION President 2010

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