BIB Minutes 2007 02

LION Bibliographic Committee Meeting
February 12, 2007

Members present:  Branford, East Lyme, Essex, Guilford, Ledyard,
Madison, Meriden, Middletown, Stony Creek, Wallingford, Woodbridge.

Paperbacks: Karan went over the rules for adding paperbacks to a hardback
record. The intellectual content must be the same. The publisher (or
its imprint) must be the same, there should be no more than a ten
page difference, and the size should be within a few cms. of the hardcover.
Some libraries are temporarily attaching differing editions to the
same record in the case of reading lists, extremely popular items,
etc. After the demand has lessened, these items are given their own records.

Large type books must have their own records in order to be
correctly identified as large type.

Remote searching: Many of the records being brought over are
low-level. Please check them and add 300 information to facilitate
OCLC searching.

When Karan comes across records that have no paging, she will search
OCLC for a complete record. If she has a question about the paging
she will check to see if the item is on order. If it is not an order
record, Karan will send it back to the library ; if it is on order
she will assume it will be upgraded. It is the responsibility of the
library that obtains the item FIRST to add this information, which
may not be the same library who created the record.

Copy records function: The Committee voted to restrict this
function to libraries copying their own records. This will be
submitted to the Board for approval. When copying a record, remember
to edit it so that it reflects the item in hand.

LC records: Remember that LION no longer has a subscription, so
there are no more automatic updates.

Series paperbacks (esp. Manga): If Karan finds a serial record in
OCLC, she will transfer individual records to the serial record.
Volume ISBN and title information will be added to the serial record
if it is available.

ISRs: The Committee discussed the required fields for ISRs. In
order to successfully search on OCLC and for other member libraries
to attach their holdings, the records must contain the complete title
and author, publisher and date, and subfields a, b, c and e ( if
applicable) in the 300 field.
Since most overlays don’t contain the 300 information, it should be
supplied from the item in hand.

Anomalies: Alan and Andy ask that you report anomalies to them for
investigation, and hopefully, solutions. For example, if an ISBN
search doesn’t return a match, but a title search returns a record
containing the ISBN, let them know. In general, anything that seems
not to be working properly should be reported. Please send directly
to Alan and Andy, not the Help Desk.

Locked records: Use”free records in use” sparingly, as this
function will not save the record, or changes to it. Contact the
office if a record remains locked for more than a few minutes.

240 vs. 245: LION will look into having the 245 field rather than
the 240 field print out on receipts.

008 fields: The templates have the monograph 008. This will change
appropriately after a record for a DVD, CD, etc. has been filed.
Collapsing and expanding the 008 field will also accomplish this change.

Thank you all for attending; I think our discussions were valuable to us
all. I will probably schedule another meeting in April, sooner if needed.

Pat Johnson

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