BIB Minutes 1996 09

Bibliographic Committee
Minutes of the Meeting of 18 September 1996

Members represented

Durham, Branford, East Lyme, East Lyme High, Guilford, Ledyard, Madison, Mashantucket Pequot, Madison, Meriden, Middlefield, Middletown, Norwich, Old Lyme, Wallingford, Woodbridge, LION.

Members absent

East Hampton, Guilford High School, Middlesex Community Technical College, Mitchell College, New London, Stony Creek, Three Rivers Community Technical College.

After a demonstration of products by a representative from Reed Publishing an abbreviated meeting of the Bibliographic Committee was held. The meeting was called to order at 11:40 AM. East Lyme MOVED and Durham SECONDED the motion to approve the minutes of the June 20, 1996 meeting. Motion passed.

PMSC Update

LION is not happy with the contract they have received from PMSC. PMSC claims ownership of the records in their database is nontransferable. The contracts calls for a $7500 per year lease agreement. This would benefit LION if it cuts down on the amount of records that are searched on OCLC. LION would have to work out a new contract each time a member leaves or joins the consortium. If LION should decide that it no longer wants the service we would have to pay them an additional $2 for each record we keep. LION is hopping PMSC will agree to a few contract changes. LION will propose a lower yearly and per record cost with the agreement that we will pay for the records we use up front on a monthly basis. If they agree to this LION will implement changes to the on going retrospective conversion of non-print materials. Instead of first searching on OCLC the clerk will now search the LION database. If an exact match is not found only then will the clerks search OCLC.

Release 153

LION installed Releases 151, 152, 153 on September 9 with no problems. Mark will be sending out information pertaining to cataloging, acquisition and serial information. DELTA documents have been sent out to Project Directors. The new releases dealt mainly with acquisition fixes, networking security and file transfer protocol. LION is hoping to begin daily file transfer of OCLC records

Bibliographic Record Upgrade

Marcia Welsh had invited Lee Clapp from New London to defend her actions regarding the cataloging of Stephen King’s The Green Mile, but she was unable to attend. Members who disagree with how a record has been upgraded by the LION office should bring their complaints to the Task Force meetings. If the record needs immediate attention then members are asked to contact the Committee Chair, Marcia Welsh, at the Guilford Free Library. The Chair will be drafting a letter concerning the problem of editing I level cataloging that will be sent out to the Board.

LION Share

Mark announced that he has sent out the statistics for June, July and August.

It has been LION practice to wrongly enter the phrase “Large Print Edition” in the 250 tag. AACR2 rev 1.1C1 concerning general material designation reads: “For materials for the visually impaired, add (large print) or (tactile), when appropriate, to any term in list 2.” In other words the gmd for a large print item should be entered [text(large print)]. In addition, AACR2 rev. 2.5B24.Large Print. reads: “If an item is in large print intended for use by the visually impaired, add, to the statement of the number of volumes, leaves, or pages, (large print),” for example, “3 v. (large print)” 342 p. (large print)”. “Optionally, if a general material description (see 1.1C1) including large print is used, omit this addition.” Mark asked members what they wanted to do and if they wanted large print to show on the display screen.

New Business

Marcia asked that if members have anything they want to discuss at the next meeting please contact her and she will put it on the agenda.

Old Business


Next Meeting

Thursday, November 7th, 9:30 AM, Russell Library. Middlefield is in charge of refreshments.

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