BIB Minutes 1997 02

Bibliographic Committee
Minutes of the Meeting of 7 February 1997

Member represented:  Branford, Durham, East Hampton, East Lyme, East Lyme High School, Guilford, Ledyard, Meriden, Middlefield, Middlesex, Middletown, Mohegan, Norwich, Old Lyme, Mashantucket Pequot, Wallingford, Woodbridge.

Members absent:  Madison, Mitchell, New London, Stony Creek, Thames Valley.

Introduction of new Committee Chair
Gennett Grinnell of Branford was introduced by the outgoing chair, Marcia Welsh of Guilford, as the new chair of the Committee.
Approval of the Minutes of September 18th, 1996 and November 21st, 1996

East Lyme MOVED and Guilford SECONDED the motion to accept the minutes from both meetings. PASSED.

Mark passed out cataloging statistics for January 1997.

Release 160 will be loaded Tuesday Feb. 11. LION hopes to begin format integration 4-6 weeks after the load. Indexes will have to be rebuilt in accordance with the new Marc map. The Committee will need to meet prior to this so we can discuss what subfields and tags we need to use. Mark asked that everyone take a look at the 160 Delta Document that was passed out at the December 1996 Board meeting. Mark explained that 160 is a major release because it contains new add on products. Dynix is replacing cataloging for Windows with PAC for Windows. Finally, Mark mentioned that LC has completed its form and genre headings project and we need to move some of our subjects headings to 655 tags.

Mark is still working on the Fast Add send to cataloging report.

Dynix Customer Service web site is “”, ID# is “dynix”, password is “m@$7!”. The Ameritech web site is “”.

Mark handed out the Library of Congress 5 year progress report on subject subdivisions conference recommendations.

Home grown kit section will be added to the Bibliographic Committee Manual. Mark asked that someone send him an example.

Read-along Material

Read-along material should be cataloged using the sound recording format with a gmd of sound recording. The Description code in the fixed

fields is i.
Initial Search Records
When creating an ISR make sure a completely subfielded 300 tag is entered.
Large Print Material
It has been the practice of LION to use the 250 tag to enter large print editions, this is not the practice of OCLC and LC. Mark pointed out that if this information is entered into the GMD it will then be searchable

Ledyard MOVED and East Lyme SECONDED the MOTION to use the GMD “[text (large print)]” for large print materials, PASSED. The recommendation is that you insert subfield h into the 245 tag before you enter subfield b or subfield c information, and that any punctuation will come after the GMD. LION will also stop using subject headings which describe the material, such as large print, compact disc, video recordings, audio cassettes.

Old business

See the “Large Print Material” section above which was most recently discussed at the September 18th, 1996 meeting of the Bibliographic Committee and recorded in the Minutes of that meeting under the heading “LION Share”.

New business.

Mark informed the Committee that the PAC Committee may request to discuss the use of Library of Congress Subject Headings in bibliographic records and authority control. They have expressed an interest in greater and better subject access to bibliographic records.

Audience level: Karan handed out a cheat sheet on the new codes for target audience and target audience note, tag 521 (This used to be called intellectual level). For more detail please see the OCLC manual.


The Committee adjourned its meeting at 11:50.

Next meeting

Thursday, April 3rd, 9:30 AM, Russell Library. Branford is in charge of refreshments.

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