BIB Minutes 1997 05

Bibliographic Committee
Minutes of the Meeting of 29 May 1997

Members represented:  Branford, Durham, East Lyme, East Lyme High School, Guilford, Ledyard, Madison, Meriden, Middlefield, Middlesex, Middletown, Mohegan, New London, Norwich, Mashantucket Pequot, Wallingford, Woodbridge.

Members absent:  East Hampton, Mitchell, Old Lyme, Stony Creek, Thames Valley.

Old business

Homegrown Kits
LION is still awaiting an example of a “homegrown kit” to be added to the Bibliographic Manual.

LION report

RMG projects: LION only and Joint

Mark reported on the status of both projects, the Minutes LION Board meeting of May 27th, and noted the Joint Project events on Thursday, June 12th and Friday, June 13th, and the LION only events on Thursday, June 19th and Friday, June 20th.

“Away Team”

The Minutes LION Board meeting of May 27th contains the following approved motion:

“Valerie Harrod moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion to create a task force for LION to look at the functionality of CARL and III systems in various sites. Anne Calvert will appoint a task force to do so, with a report due back to the LION Board by its July meeting. The motion carried.”

Bill Edge’s message of May 28th to the Joint Project Review Group contains the following:

The Board is unwilling to eliminate any LION Only Model at this time – indeed it wishes RMG to comment (in summary fashion) on the advantages and disadvantages of each. Nevertheless, LION is very interested in exploring a shared system/s with the Joint Project. To that end, it has decided to initiate its own further study of both the Carl and Innovative Interfaces systems ASAP. Mark Hewes will chair this Task Force, which will be made up of Cataloging/Acquisitions, Circulation, PAC (including external databases), library Project Director, and System Administration experts (some of these interests may be combined in the same person/s). A report of this committee regarding the suitability of either the Carl or III system will be due not later than the July LION Board meeting. The goal includes identifying any “killer issues” or “show stoppers” as soon as possible.”

The Committee discussed the issue and drafted questions which Mark agreed to post on Dynix Mail. Members wished to make personal visits to CARL and III sites and to access the public access catalogs remotely. Members agreed to forward evaluations to Mark and he agreed to post them on Dynix Mail. Members may post evaluations on Dynix Mail themselves if they wish.


April’s “Bibliographic Records Added” were distributed along with a revised March “Bibliographic Records Added”. Please note that the statistics now include break downs by member of LION created bibliographic and non-USMARC bibliographic records, and LC records selected. Previously a simple total of non-USMARC bibliographic records was reported.

Large Print and “K” encoding level USMARC bibliographic records

As a special project, Mark identified large print and non-print USMARC bibliographic records requiring enhancement. Karan is working on adding GMDs [general material designations] to more than 7,000 large print USMARC bibliographic records in the LION database, and upgrading more than 1,200 non-print USMARC bibliographic records in the LION database with “K” encoding levels to “I”.

Imprint (260 tag) and Physical Description (300 tag) data

Karan is asking members to be careful not to exclude imprint and physical descritpion data in USMARC bibliographic records. This information is required and without the data initial search records are not upgraded.

New business.

USMARC bibliographic records which lack subject analysis

The retrospective conversion projects relating to print and non-print did not upgrade USMARC bibliographic records which did not exist in OCLC or were no better on OCLC. LION is able to provide members a list of these records. Members may perform subject analysis on these records.

Next meeting

Next scheduled meeting is for Thursday, July 17th, Hubbard Room, Russell Library. The member responsible for refreshments has not been identified.

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