BIB Minutes 1997 07

Bibliographic Committee
Minutes of the Meeting of 17 July 1997

Members present:  Branford, Durham, East Lyme, East Lyme High, Ledyard, Madison, Middlefield, Middletown, New London, Old Lyme, Mashantucket-Pequot, Stony Creek, Woodbridge

Members absent:  East Hampton, Guilford, Meriden, Middlesex, Mitchell, Three Rivers, Norwich, Wallingford

Approval of Minutes

The Minutes of the Thursday, May 29th Meeting of the Committee were approved.

Distribution of Committee Minutes

Middletown requested that the Committee consider distributing the Committee’s Minutes by means of the Dynix Mail function. Mark suggested that LION would prefer to produce the Minutes on a workstation attached to the LION local area network with a word processor which would permit LION to print a respectable copy for “the record”, distribution by mail, and email to members with email accounts available to the Committee’s membership. LION will also attempt to post the Minutes on LION web server. Mark assured Committee members that Minutes would no longer be distributed at LION Board meetings after which the Minutes tend not be be distributed to Committee members. Mark requested members to forward their email addresses by means of Dynix mail if they wish to receive email copies.

LION’s Share

Mark indicated that the June 1997 report of “Bibliographic Records Added” will be mailed to Committee members before the end of July. The annual and monthly statistics are still compiling.

At the Board’s meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 22nd, the LION “Away Team” will present their report of their visits to CARL and III sites where they observed the implementation of the two integrated library systems. The Board at its May 27th meeting approved the following:

“Valerie Harrod moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion to create a task force for LION to look at the functionality of CARL and III systems in various sites. Anne Calvert will appoint a task force to do so, with a report due back to the LION Board by its July meeting. The motion carried.”

Mark distributed copies of the Joint Project’s Memorandum of Agreement dated June 13th. This was followed by a discussion led by Mark and Gennett regarding their site visits. They then heard concerns and took questions from members. Mark highlighted item 10 of the Memorandum of Agreement which specifies the development of a Workplan for the Joint Project. Mark stated that the Workplan is being drafted for consideration at the next meeting of the Joint Project scheduled for July 21st. Mark discussed various items in the Memorandum, specifically outsourcing and sharing an integrated library system and stated that he anticipated that the Workplan would expect members to identify required functionality and specifically in regards to bibliographic and authority control, and acquisitions. He stated that LION needs to make a strong case for the functionality of authority control and acquisitions. The Committee agreed with Mark’s suggestion that a task force be formed to consider the how, why, and what it takes for LION to do it now, and how we might do it on other systems. The task force consists of Gennett Grinnell , Teri Staab, Linda Widlansky, Karen Smith, Karan Conover and Mark Hewes. The task force will produce a report for the Bibliographic Committee. The first meeting of the task force will be on July 22nd at 1 PM at LION following the Board meeting.

Mark mentioned the presentation of the CARL Technical Services Workstation which took place on Friday, July 11th at Capitol Region Library Council. This workstation is based upon the ITS workstation created by The Library Corporation. LION, Middletown, Middlesex and Stony Creek staff attended.

Next Meeting

The meeting of the Committee adjourned at 12:30 PM.

Next meeting of the Committee is scheduled for September 4th at 9:30 AM in the Hubbard Room, Russell Library.

The member responsible for refreshments at the next meeting is to be determined.

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