BIB Minutes 2003 06

June 4, 2003

Members present: East Haddam, East Lyme, Essex, Guilford, Haddam, Meriden, Middletown, Mitchell, Norwich, Old Lyme, Stony Creek, Wallingford, and Woodbridge.

Absent: Durham, Madison, East Hampton, East Lyme High, Branford, New London, Westbrook, Ledyard.

K Level Records
K level records can be upgraded to I level. If a member adds anything to an existing K level record they are required to bring that record up to I level, and add an 040 with a subfield d.

K and I level records are not searchable on OCLC. LION does not upgrade them. Karan just checks the MARC tagging.

K level records are sent to ReQuest. Non-MARC records are not sent to ReQuest.

Motion made by Middletown:
LION will treat K level records as ISRs. They will be searched on OCLC and upgraded if possible. If they are not found, they will not be sent back to the members. They will still be entered with a K encoding level. Seconded by Meriden. Vote passed.

Motion will be presented to the Board at the June meeting.

Please make sure that you have a Bibliographic Manual and that it is up to date.

The Board is responsible for updating and maintaining the Bibliographic Manual. The manual resides in the Board Book. Any changes that are made to the manual are sent to the Board Rep.

Mark will be looking into posting the manual on the Web.

If you are unsure if you should attach to a record please contact the LION office. Please check the OCLC manual for standards on when to and not to enter a new record. The standards are available on the WEB.

Do not dupe records. Please create an ISR.

When you create a record you are required to attach either a barcode, or a negative barcode to the record. If you do not attach, the record will not be sent to Karan for overlaying, and you run the risk of having the item deleted.

Do not attach your holdings to an ACQ BSE. You may attach to an ACQ ISR. ISRs can be created in the ACQ module, this is not required, but it would be nice if it was done. If you receive the actual item before the library that created the ACQ ISR does, and you attach to that record, you must add the 300 subfield a (extent) information, and an 040 tag.

The Acquisition module assumes you are creating a record for a book. If you are creating a nonbook record, don’t forget to use CBF (change bibliographic format) to change it.

Sometimes you will see two or three LC records that all match each other and only one will have holdings attached to it. The LC tape loads cause these. These records will sit in Dynix until Karan merges them in the LION office.

If you see records that need merging, please contact Karan.

East Lyme has created monographic records for special issues of Time Magazine. Templates for how to do this will be added to the Manual.

Each issue will be treated as an individual item with it’s own subject access and call number. Templates of how to do these will be added to the Manual.

Mark added that Middletown has created great records for museum passes that should be used by the members, instead of new ones being created.

Sometimes members just want access to a single article in a magazine. Just that one component may be catalogued.

Middletown suggested that at the next meeting LION give a refresher course in how the flow charts work when creating new items.

Mark reminded everyone that LION has in the past paid for members to attend basic cataloguing classes.

Next meeting will be held Sept. 10 at Russell Library

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