BIB Minutes 2003 09

LION Bibliographic Committee Meeting
SEPTEMBER 10, 2003


Members present: East Haddam, East Lyme, Essex, Guilford, Haddam, Ledyard, Middletown, Mitchell College, New London, Norwich, Old Lyme, Stony Creek, Wallingford, Westbrook, Woodbridge.

Members absent: Branford, Durham, East Hampton, East Lyme High, Madison, Meriden.

Mark Hewes went over the flow charts for adding holdings to LION.

Note: When you attach your holdings to an order record, you need to upgrade the ISR with any missing information. For example, 300 tag information.

Exact items with different ISBNs
The difference in the numbers usually related to a difference in the packaging of the item.  Middletown passed around two Harry Potter cd sets.  The items were the same, except that they were packaged differently. The different ISBNs allow booksellers to keep track of the items.  Should new records be created, or can the ISBNs just be added to the original record? Members are to get back to the committee with examples for the next meeting.  Mark gave out a website address that can be helpful:

Adding a 521 with the MPAA code for videos will allow patrons to search for age appropriate items.

Author keyword searching
You do not have to invert the person’s name, and combined searches are allowed. Example: Perlman, Beethovan.

The 505 contents note is searchable under contents keyword.

Karan Conover went over how to upgrade an ISR and passed out a cheat sheet. When items are sent back that say upgrade on them, please refer back to this sheet. (see upgrading to an ISR)

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