BIB Minutes 2006 12

LION Bibliographic Committee Meeting
December 4, 2006

Libraries represented: Blackstone, Durham, East Lyme, Essex,
Guilford, Ledyard, Meriden, Middletown, Rathbun, Wallingford.
LION office: Alan, Andy

There was discussion on using authority validation, expanding the
008 field, and copying records.

Duplicate records – confirm that they are actual duplicates. They
may be sent to Karan for merging, or you can contact her to find out
how to merge them yourselves.

Use Standard Number as the tag name for the 008 fiel. The Misc.
label does not appear on Karan’s screen.

Enter both the 13-digit and 10-digit ISBNS in your records. The
13-digit should appear first.

After considerable discussion, we decided to continue following
current practice regarding using the gmd in the 245 subfield h, the
260 for abridged/unabridged, and the smd in the 300 field. Although
we recognize this causes confusion for patrons, since our ISRS will
be overlaid anyway, there is no point to changing our requirements.

A similar discussion was held on the 245 subfield b issue. Since it
isn’t possible to distingish and suppress subtitles such as “a novel”
from those that are more substantive, and again because the records
will be overlaid, any changes made by LION will be rendered moot.

Andy reported that the Board has approved dropping the LC database
subscription since we have direct Z39.50 searching available with
Millenium. LION will cease loading these records at the end of
December, so now is the time to begin using Z39.50 directly to LC.

Pat Johnson

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