BIB Minutes 2007 09

LION Bibliographic Committee Meeting
Sept. 18, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.
Hubbard Room at Russell Library

Members in attendance: P. Johnson, WAL; A. Juknis, MDT; P.Soares, MDT; K.Conover, LION; A. Gardner, LION; S. Johnson, GUI; Gennett Grimmell, BRB; S. Staehly, EX; L. Serra, WBR; S. O’Brien, MRD; B. Hagstrom, MRD.

It was decided to hold bi-monthly meetings on the second Tuesday
of the month.

Pat J. asked for a volunteer to chair the committee in 2008; with
no one coming forward, she agreed to continue as Chair for one more
year. P. Soares volunteered to take over in 2009.

Karan discussed the need to edit remote records to accurately
reflect the item in hand. This is a particular problem with large
type and media records. Field numbers in red are invalid and should
be deleted, as should “DVD” or “CD” that appear in the GMD.

If an OCLC record shows significant differences in the 300 field,
the ISR will be sent back to the originating library. Remember to
enter information in the proper subfileds in the 245, 260, 300, etc. fields.

There was discussion concerning the order records being brought
into the database from Baker & Taylor. These records are generally
not complete, and should be edited by the ordering library for
accuracy. For example, holds were attached to an order record for a
sound recording, even though the printed version was wanted. GMDs are
not part of the B&T records.

Duplicate records are being found. If a library has created or
attached to a bare bones bib. record, and a better record has become
available by the time the item is received, the order should be moved
to the better record, and the order bib. deleted. If more than one
library is attached, the last library should take care of this.
Duplicates may also occur when B&T is unable to “match and attach” to
an existing record.

If an order is cancelled, suppress the record and send the bib.
number to Andy for deletion.

Pat asked Andy if there are plans to clean up the author and
subject authority files. LION Board must decide when to send the
database out for clean up. Once this has been accomplished,
regularly scheduled clean ups will take place.

Becky suggested using World Cat as a useful tool for finding those
“oddball” items of which catalogers are so fond.

Lynn announced an overlay problem with b13194422.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 13th, at 10:00
a.m. in the Hubbard Room at Russell Library
. MDT will provide coffee,
WAL will bring refreshments.

Pat Johnson

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