BIB Minutes 2007 12

LION Bibliographic Committee Meeting
December 11, 2007

Members present: Branford, Branford/Stony Creek, East Haddam, East Lyme, Essex, Ledyard, Madison, Meriden, Middletown, Mitchell College, Norwich, Wallingford, Westbrook, Woodbridge.

Members absent: East Lyme High School, Durham, New London, Haddam, Guilford, Old Lyme

From Becky:
Meriden is editing the poor quality records from Baker & Taylor as the items are received.  ACQ-BSE records can be used by other libraries for attaching orders. The last library to receive an item attached to such a record is responsible for deleting that BSE.  Andy periodically runs a report to gather and delete bib. records without  items. B&T records will not transfer if there is an ACQ-BSE already in the database.

Correct punctuation and complete information should be entered in the 300 field. If subfield b for illustrations is added, the corresponding codes should also be added to the 008 field. Audience information is also very useful, especially for children’s materials.

Remote records should be edited to match the item in hand, and GMD information must be accurate.

Red indicators should be deleted.

The  300 field has been discussed and agreed upon many times in the past, and errors and omissions are still being made.  Committee members present at today’s meeting pledged to fulfill our obligations in this regard.

From Andy:
LION will send the database to MARCIVE for authorities clean up after the Case Memorial Library (Orange) database has been added to ours, probably in late summer, early fall.  Authorities will then be updated on a regular basis.

Several people commented that barcodes don’t always scan completely and should be double checked to avoid problems at the Circulation Desk.

Karan would appreciate your telling her when you have completed upgrading/editing the bib records she sends back to us.

Karan has been editing and merging graphic novels so each series has it’s own record. She is compiling a list of bib numbers and titles. This will sent out to the members periodically.  Once she has cleaned up the record she will most likely not see it again. It is up to the members to add the new 020 tags and subfield t to the contents note when they add a new title to the record.

The next meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, February 12, at 9:30, Russell Library. If enough libraries are closed for the holiday, we can reschedule the meeting. Please let me know.

Any volunteers for refreshments? Paula and Ann are graciously providing coffee.

Pat Johnson

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