BIB Minutes 2008 04

LION Bibliographic Committee Meeting
April 8, 2008

Members present : G.Grinnell (BRB), C. Shursac (DUR), L. Main (ELY), M. Osborne (ESX), S. Staehly (HAD), A. Buka (LED), A. Gardner (LION), W. Brockman, (MAD), B. Hagstrom (MRD), P. Soares (MDT), J. Everett (OLY), N. Bruckner (OTIS), P. Griswold (RATHBUN), P. Johnson, E. Walker (WAL), L.Serra (WBR).

AUTHORITY FILES – these are not actual authority files and entries may be incorrect. Please refer questions to Karan.  After Orange migrates to LION this summer, we will be getting the LC Authority Files. Using the 500 field for series information will help Karan to match LION records with OCLC’s.

REMOTE RECORDS – the first library to receive an item, regardless of whether or not it is the record creator, is required to add the following information : paging, audience level for j materials, “d” for large print materials, subfields “b” and “c” for field 260.  Be sure to check that the formats agree, and remove any fields with an indicator in red.

ACQ BSE RECORDS –Becky announced that as of March 31st, Meriden is no longer creating these records.

SERIES NUMBERING – it was decided to eliminate “v”, “volume”. “n” and “number” before the actual volume number. After testing, we determined that prefacing numbers 1-9 with 0 doesn’t affect the display order.
The preferred display is 1, 2, 12, etc.

TITLE DISPLAY – the title in the 240 field displays first, rather than the 245 field title.  Andy will look into this to see if the 245 can be forced to display first.

VENDOR RECORDS –  these records are loaded instantly into the database and will show up in the LION PAC. An overnight process brings the information into the individual library PAC.

BLOG – Cindy Shurshac suggested that we use the LION blog to share information and questions. The LION website is undergoing renovations now; everyone agreed to make an effort to use the blog when the website is finished.

Pat Johnson
Chair, LION Bibliographic Committee

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