BIB Minutes 2008 10

LION Bibliographic Committee Meeting
October, 2008

Bibliographic Manual Changes
Karan noted that she had added a section to the Bib Manual regarding upgrading non-print material and the use of indicators. Since this is not a procedural change to anything, it was decided that the changes did not have to go to the Board.

There was a discussion about the usefulness of using a,b,c,d, in the “audience” field in the 008. Karan pointed out that it is not something LION can enforce because it would entail sending most records back to the inputting/attaching library . Most records coming in from remote searching just use “j’ if they use anything.

Discussion regarding the MARC leader field and the 008. The MARC leader is what determines the type of codes that are in the 008. Karan has discovered that the only way to get the MARC Leader into a record is by filing the ISR. Regardless of the type of record, Material Type in the MARC Leader is always “a” for print material. If you are cataloguing a video, this means the 008 will still be for a book, and not a video recording. In order to get the correct 008 you must change the “Material Type” in the MARC leader. Expand the 008, collapse it, then expand it again. This will give you the correct codes. There was discussion about the importance of the codes in the 008 and the MARC leader. Are they involved in search limitations in PAC, and are they needed for creating lists.

Durham volunteered to test the codes for search limitations in PAC. Karan ended the discussion by noting that since not many non-print items were sent back to the libraries for upgrading, LION would most likely be able to edit these records.

Acquisition On Order records
Middletown asked that the number of days that  “in processing” stays on a record be extended form 14 to 28.

Duplicate records
LION has discovered that the growing number of duplicate records is being caused by vendor tape loads and members not attaching to existing records. Do not create an ISR if there is a record that has matching title and ISBN in the system, regardless of the quality. Creating a second record will result in a third being added when the vendor sees multiple records with the same ISBN in it. If the record does not have a 300 tag in it, it is the attaching libraries responsibility to add that information.

Meriden’s BSE records
If you match on a Meriden three line BSE you need to attach to it. Do not create an ISR. When you attach to it you need to change the CAT DATE of 09-10-2006 to the current date. If you do not do this, LION will not see the record and it may not get upgraded. You also need to add the 300 to the record.

There was a lengthy discussion and media show regarding graphic novels and how they should be catalogued. Should LION continue using one record per title, or catalogue each title separately. There is a concern regarding how it shoe in the PAC, and a problem concerning holds. There will be a meeting on March 11, in Wallingford to discuss this matter in detail. Members of the PAC and CIRC committee will be invited. Middletown volunteered to set up some test records that can be viewed in PAC.

Karan Conover, LION Cataloger

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