BIB Minutes 2008 11


Wednesday, November 19, 2008
 9:30 AM Russell Library  – Hubbard Room


Authority Project – status, ongoing work, changes in cataloging practices.
Andy sent out a report on the progress of the project. At this point just continue doing what you have been doing. After Andy and Karen have time to review the logs and error reports that were created, they may recommend some changes. Do not leave multiple authors in the 100 tag either delete the tag or fix to the correct author if you are sure of the authorized version of the name. Dates are usually applied to a name when there are multiple people with the same name. There are generally not authority records that include headings with subject subdivisions; LC mainly just creates authority records for the root or main subject. Use the Free Floating Subdivisions Manual to apply correct subdivisions. You can also check the LC Authority files online at:

There will be fewer authority records now that the clean up has been finished. There will still be some duplication of records because there may be a regular record and a genre record for the same entry.
Overall the database is better than it was but still not perfect. It has not been determined yet, how often the new bibliographic records will be sent to Marcive for processing.

First with item in hand – are barcodes being added before the item is “in hand”
People who are using dummy item records to show on order status are not adding barcodes before the item arrive. If you see item records with no barcode and you have the item in hand  – you are responsible for fixing the record or transferring everything attached to a better record.  If you edit a record you should add a subfield d with your 3 letter code to the 040 tag.  Karen sent out directions on how to set up macros so that you can use a function key to add this with one keys stroke.

Memoirs – with the flood of real and phony memoirs, how are people deciding if an item is a BIO or non-fiction.
We had an interesting discussion on how people decide where to put things. There are a variety of factors including the scope of the work, the subject headings used and also space considerations in libraries and where patrons are more likely to look for and find the items.

Resources to be a better cataloger – any websites, books, etc, to share to help a new cataloger.
Many useful suggestions including, OCLC Input and Standards Guidelines at  For information on Genre Headings and

Other Items
Meriden is buying records from Baker and Taylor for DVDs and CDs. The records are loaded but they do not attach for a few days. Some other libraries are getting records sent to them in an email. Andy is going to investigate and see if it is possible to preview the records before they are loaded into the system to check for their quality.

There was some discussion about classes and workshops and the lack of programs for catalogers at CLA. Pat Johnson is going to contact people at CLA about the possibility of adding more programs.

Next meeting – how often should we meet twice a year, spring and fall. three times, quarterly?
It was decides that we will meet twice a year unless something urgent comes up.  I will explore the possibility of using a blog to share information once the new LION website is up.  Until then we can try using the group email more frequently to share problems, solutions or ideas.

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