BIB Minutes 2011 10

LION Bibliography Committee Meeting – MINUTES
Tuesday October 18, 2011 9:30 A.M.
Collins Room, Wallingford Public Library
Submitted by Chair Becky Hagstrom, Meriden Public Library


  1. Andy will turn off the title key search in the duplicate checking function, so that duplicates will only be searched by ISBN.
  2. Rather than creating and attaching to magazine bib records for individual years it was voted to use only the serial records for these titles.  This issue may be revisited when the Serials Module is tested out. Katie Brossard (Mitchell College) is our tester and will get back to us with her progress.
  3. Copying and splitting bib records when attached items reach maximum capacity is working, as long as everyone is notified as to which record their library should use.
  4. The committee voted to attach graphic novel series items to serial records only, not monographic records.   We will clean up as we go along. Please remember to add new volume designations and ISBNs in the 020 and volume titles in the 505.
  5. DVD television series’ season information in the 245 can be confusing. We will therefore standardize by adding a 246 to each of these records by using title followed by season and numeral – -(ex.) Bones. Season 6.  This should be the only 246 in the record. Karan will strip out multiple 246s. Please do not change the 245. We will clean up as we go along. This should make searching easier for patrons and staff without violating any rules.
  6. At this time we will continue to adhere to AACRII rules in our cataloging. Please strip out BISACSH or BISAC subject headings, incorrect (wrong format) ISBNs, and all RDA elements if you find them in a record you are using. If an RDA record is found on the remote side you can use it, but you must edit it to AACRII standards.
  7. When cataloging, be careful to select the correct material type and code accurately, since this has a big impact in the OPAC. Also, make sure your gmd is correct.
  8. At this time Andy won’t create a new material type for playaways, since there are not many in the system and most libraries are no longer buying this format. It can be done later if necessary.
  9. III cannot make fast add records self-deleting upon check-in. Andy runs reports and deletes records with no holdings attached, so these fast adds will eventually be deleted from the system.
  10. Release or on shelf dates set by publishers are not always honored by our libraries. Some items are being circulated before the release date. The committee voted that these items should not be put into circulation until the publisher release date. This issue will be brought to the attention of the full LION Executive Board for consideration at their next meeting (Oct. 25, 2011).
  11. Karan went over cat date issues. Please use the cat date of 09-10-2006 in records that you don’t want Karan to review, such as ILLs, fast adds, VF items, circuit items, museum passes, thematic kits, some realia and local material.
  12. In June 2011 the U.S. RDA Coordinating Committee recommended that RDA should be implemented by LC, NAL, and NLM no sooner than January 2013. There are quite a few improvements that must be made before this happens.
  13. Assuming that no acceptable bib record matches are found in our system either locally or remotely, an ISR (Initial Search Record) is created, material in hand, according to LION Bib Committee standards (found in our manual online). Karan will then search OCLC for a match. If after ca. 3 months no OCLC record is found, the original ISR creator will be notified to upgrade to a full record.
  14. In addition, and again if no viable match is found, ISRs, vendor records and short order records, with as much information included as available at the time of creation, are all fine for use as on order records. If verifiable, you may add the 100 tag, which makes searching easier for staff and patrons, but it is not a must. ISRs are not mandatory as on order records. ISRs stay in the system until an item in hand is attached. At that time Karan searches OCLC for a match, as above.
  15. Feel free to merge on order records and vendor records into complete ISR or full records, remembering to transfer ALL from summary screen as you do.
  16. And, most importantly, if you are the first to attach to any bib record, you are responsible for editing that record to a minimum of full ISR level.
  17. Watch out for incorrect or strange LC call numbers in LC records and CIP.
  18. There are some DVD records without actor access in the 700 tag. (OCLC records don’t always have the actors in their records) If you add actors, remember to put in 511 (Participant or performer note —  511 1 is cast) as well as 700. Don’t forget to verify the heading of the 700 before adding.
  19. Some libraries report that records seem to be dropping out of the system.
  20. Our next meeting will be held in January 2012 or when we have 10 agenda items to discuss, whichever comes first, at Mitchell College in New London.

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