BIB Minutes 2012 03

LION Bibliographic Committee Meeting – MINUTES
Thursday, March 15, 2012
Mitchell College Library, New London
Submitted by Chair Becky Hagstrom, Meriden Public Library

LION policies, standards and manuals are being updated. The Bib Committee is responsible for updating the Bib Manual and Cataloging Standards. Several volunteers offered their assistance; the revision committee will consist of: Pat Johnson (Wallingford PL), Colleen Bailie (West Haven PL), Paulette Carrano (North Branford PL), Andy Gardner and Karan Conover (LION) and Becky Hagstrom (Meriden PL). The first meeting will be planned for April.

RDA implementation day one is set for March 31, 2013. The committee may need to meet for cataloging training. Colleen offered the use of West Haven PL. They have the room with computers available. In the meantime, we will continue to edit any RDA bib records (for books) we use to AACR2R standards.

Karan Conover covered some Bib record problems.

A.   RDA bib records don’t have gmds. If you find an RDA record for a non-print item, don’t pull it in because it can’t be edited. III can’t handle RDA records yet. Also, remember that even now — before RDA implementation — DVD and Blu-Ray are NOT correct gmds for our use.

B.   There shouldn’t be bars in the 008. For those areas with no info to enter leave them blank. Check your templates. They can be edited to include the blanks. Also, no red allowed in bib records. If you see red that means there’s something wrong so please edit it.

C.   Karan needs to see j and fiction codes in “the box”. J is okay, you don’t have to break it down to a,b,c, or d, unless you want to. These codes help Karan choose subject headings, Andy to compile his new book lists and the patrons and staff when scoping in the PAC.

D.   Material type determines the icon in the PAC, which is useful to the patrons and staff. Please make sure you use the correct code.

E.   Completed 300 tags sometimes disappear from records when other records without a completed 300 tag overlay them. You may have to add the 300 again.

F.   If you choose subject headings be sure they are valid. Be vigilant when using indicators and validation in subject headings. You can check authorized headings under “tools” then “validate heading”. Authority records don’t have indicators, so please don’t create them. If you do use delimiters in a subject heading, enter “shift pipe” followed by the appropriate letter. Once a month Andy Gardner (LION) sends out new records to MARCIVE for authority control on both names and subjects.

The new standard voted on for on order records for non-ACQ libraries should consist of: 020, 245 including b(if it’s present) and c, 250, 260, 300 if available. The 100 may be added if you’re certain it’s the authorized name. Basically, it’s the same as ISR records. A template could be used.

We’re seeing many hybrid bib records. Delete incorrect information and edit for item in hand.

Please don’t put any library-specific notes in bib records. These have been seen lately. Please let your circ departments know that they CANNOT do this, since it could be happening at that end.

Some records use title main entry with an added 700 with the author’s name in cases where the author is not necessarily a real person. Examples are Geronimo Stilton and Lemony Snicket. The policy manual allows use of either the 100 or 700.

It was decided to attach items to serial records instead of monographic records whenever possible. Most libraries agreed that it makes more sense. Titles such as Fodor’s, Lonely Planet, Eyewitness, and Rough Guide travel series were mentioned as examples. There are also many college and career books which have serial records. We need to identify these serials for Karan. She will also keep the graphic novels/manga bib number list current. Inform her of any new graphic series. If there is a discrete title for a particular volume please add it to the 505. At our next meeting we will revisit the use of separate records for each year of certain annual magazine titles. Andy suggested we look into forming a task force dealing with serial/monographic issues.

The 440 tag is no longer used. 490 is used instead. 490s are not indexed, so there needs to be an added 800 or 830 tag, which are indexed.

DVD issues. After lengthy discussion it was determined:

A.   Blu-Ray DVDs, by themselves, are not the same format as other DVDs and require separate bib records. Andy will create another material type code for this format.

B.   Rental ready DVDS are stripped of bonus features. Technically they should have separate records, but you may also attach to the regular DVD record and put a note in the item record that it’s a rental ready edition. Then add the 024 of the rental ready edition to the bib record.

C.   For now DVD combo packs which include Blu-Ray and regular DVDs, or other combinations with regular DVDS, should have the DVD itype. If you plan to circulate all items in a combo pack together using one barcode, you may attach to the record for the combo pack. If you split up the combo pack and plan to circulate each disc with a separate barcode, you may also attach to the record for the combo pack. Libraries can then decide how best to indicate in their item records which is Blu-Ray, regular ed., etc. Call number and volume fields were suggested for this. Also, for those libraries splitting up combo packs, each individual disc in the pack may be attached to a bib record matching that particular disc.

D.   Holds on multiple disc DVD sets may be problematic when placing patron holds. Libraries may put a title on order, patrons place holds, then when the title arrives it’s split into more than one circulating unit. Then the patron’s hold is not necessarily going to be filled correctly. After arrival the patrons can choose item level holds, but early in the process that’s not doable. Also, libraries may divide these sets differently from one another or even circulate the entire set together as one unit. One possible solution mentioned was to create fake item records at the on order point, putting Part 1 and Part 2 in the volume fields. Then the item level hold would be forced from the ordering stage onward. There seems to be no good solution to this holds problem. It was decided to refer this to the LUX Committee for their input.

E.   Andy will check to verify that on item level holds a library’s home patrons’ get the DVDs first. He said it should work this way.

F.   The 130 tag seems to work in DVD bib records for TV seasons. However, Cyndi Shirshac (Durham Library) brought up title access point difficulties. She’s going to try using a 246 with title only to see if that works better and will report back to us.

Our next meeting will be held in May.

Clarifications sent by Andy Gardner added on March 20, 2012
490 1st indicator 0 = Indexed. 490 1st indicator 1 = not indexed; requires 8xx field which is indexed. 440, while obsolete, is indexed.
Andy has created the new material type for Blu-ray (p).
He has “also verified that item level holds follow the same pattern as bib level holds. Note that both are based on the pickup location, not the patron type. So a hold placed on a library’s item will go first to any LION patron that uses that item’s home library as a pickup location. This has always been the case for both bib and item holds. (So if a Meriden patron has a hold on a Wallingford book but puts his pickup location as Wallingford, his hold will take preference over a hold to be sent to another library).”

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