BIB Minutes 2012 05

LION Bibliographic Committee Meeting – MINUTES
Wednesday May 22, 2012
Collins Room, Wallingford Public Library
Submitted by Chair Becky Hagstrom, Meriden Public Library

In attendance: Wendy Brockman (Madison), Nancy Bruckner (Otis Library), David Cirella (West Haven), Karan Conover (LION), Lew Daniels (Westbrook), Janet Everett (Old Lyme), Andy Gardner (LION), Frances Gibbs-Kail (Public Library of New London), Pat Griswold (Rathbun – East Haddam), Becky Hagstrom (Meriden), Pat Johnson (Wallingford Public Library), Stephanie Johnson ( Guilford), Lydia Main (East Lyme ), Amy Noble (North Haven Library), Susan O’Brien (Meriden), Paula Soares (Middletown), Elizabeth Walker (Wallingford Public Library), Jonathan Wiener (Orange), Jan Wilks (Meriden).

1. Andy gave an update on the progress of Sierra. Phase 1 should be going into effect in November 2012. Some buttons will be moved but trial libraries say very little training is necessary. We will be able to toggle between modules, choosing from a pull-down menu, all using just 1 port, which should alleviate some of our port problems.

2. Karan is working on moving items onto serial records for the Fodor’s travel guides. The next time you attach an item to one of these serial records remember to indicate year in your item record. Her GNS (Graphic Novel Series) list continues to grow and is very useful to members.
3. A reminder to use XXooo for on order records to allow holds to be placed.

4. Colleen Bailie, Paulette Carrano, Pat Johnson, Andy Gardner, Karan Conover and Becky Hagstrom, the Cataloging Revision Committee, have completed the revision of Cataloging Board documents. When ready, Andy will post changes and Becky will send them out to the Bib Committee for review, comments and questions. There are some changes, but mostly the text has been shortened and clarified.

5. There was a long discussion about RDA issues. Karan is taking some online classes and Andy has sent a link with RDA examples to everyone. LC doesn’t agree with RDA on everything. Millennium and Sierra Phase 1 are not RDA aware, Sierra Phase 2 is. Andy will look into RDA Toolkit trials for us to try. As for cataloging now, we should continue to do mostly what we’ve been doing. We’ll continue to strip subfield e from the 100 tag in AACR2 and RDA records. RDA bib records have no gmds, so we need to add those ourselves. If editing an RDA record, add the appropriate information in RDA format (spell out words in the 260, 300, and so on). We will also continue with AACR2’s interpretation of chief sources of information for both AACR2 and RDA records. It was agreed that we, as a committee, need to decide what OUR RDA standard will be. If anyone is interested in being on an RDA Committee to deal with these and other RDA issues, please contact Paula Soares at Russell Library. She has kindly volunteered to chair the committee. She’d like to get something started before our next meeting,

6. which will be in September.

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