BIB Minutes 2012 09

LION Bibliographic Meeting  —  MINUTES

Monday September 24, 2012
Collins Room, Wallingford Public Library
Submitted by Chair Becky Hagstrom    Meriden Public Library


Attending: Wendy Brockman (Madison), Nancy Bruckner (Otis Library), Andrea Buka (Ledyard), Paulette Carrano (North Branford), Karan Conover (LION), Lew Daniels (Westbrook), Janet Everett (Old Lyme), Andy Gardner (LION), Frances Gibbs-Kail (New London),  Gennett Grinnell (Blackstone), Patricia Griswold (Rathbun), Becky Hagstrom (Meriden), Stephanie Johnson (Guilford), Stephanie Johnson (Mitchell College), Lydia Main (East Lyme), Amy Noble (North Haven Library), Susan O’Brien (Meriden), Lynn Serra (Woodbridge), Cyndi Shirshac (Durham), Paula Soares (Middletown), Sue Staehly (Brainerd Memorial Library/Haddam), Betty Walker (Wallingford Public Library), Jonathan Wiener (Orange), Jan Wilks (Meriden).


  1.  Andy gave an update on the progress of Sierra. In preparation LION is getting two new servers and moving Millennium off their existing server to one of the new servers. Both new servers will eventually run Sierra, but after October 10, Millennium will run on one of the new servers.   On October 10 the system will be down for the day. Circulation will be off-line and the PAC and Cataloging modules unavailable.  A few days later Millennium will be upgraded to Release 2011. The system will be down again on November 27 and after that Sierra should be ready for us. With Sierra there will be no changes in the PAC. Our bibliographic templates should be unchanged, but backing them up is a good idea. Our log-ins and passwords will be changed. Andy will try to find out if there is a Sierra preview available for us.

  3. Paula gave an update on the progress of the RDA Sub-committee. The RDA situation is still in flux, with frequent rule changes and contradictions from LC and others. There isn’t a lot the sub- committee can do until some decisions are made at a higher level, so they will monitor what’ s happening and keep us informed. Also, to repeat what was said at the last meeting, if you use an RDA bibliographic record and it needs editing, edit it in RDA, not AACR2.

  5. Since the group discount for the online RDA Toolkit is very small, Andy thinks it would be best for each library to decide for itself when and if and how many licenses to purchase.  Complete implementation of RDA is March 2013 and since changes are still being made many libraries are going to wait.  (A written version is also available.)

  7. Becky went over some changes made in the revised Cataloging Standards and Bibliographic Committee Manual documents which might be of interest to the group.  All references to AACR2 have been removed, replaced with “current LC practices using MARC format.” Separate bibliographic records will now be required for book club editions and large print editions (page 2 of Manual under III Creating a new record).  Tags 336, 337 and 338 are now required tags for ISRs (also page 2 of Manual under Types of new records – #1. ISR). Required fields for On order records are available on page 3 of Manual, #2.

  9. Disappearing bibliographic and item records were discussed. Some libraries seem to have this problem more frequently than others. It was decided that everyone should keep track of how many of these occur between now and our next meeting and we’ll revisit the issue then.

  11. Correct use of volume field in item records was discussed. Anything in even one library’s volume field will force the choice of item level hold on patrons wishing to place a hold. So instead of next available copy they have to wait for that one particular item. So only use the volume field when the item level choice is truly necessary for all patrons.

  13. To transfer holds from one bibliographic record to another both item and hold have to be transferred and then the item transferred back, leaving the hold. There doesn’t appear to be a one-step process to do this.

  15. Amy asked that libraries not place item level holds on North Haven’s On Order records.  Bib level holds are fine. When she tries to delete the On Order item record she is unable to do so because there is a hold attached, so then she has to cancel the hold and re-place it. It’s not an issue with the PAC because patrons can’t place an item level hold when there are no items with volumes. (See above)

  17. Our next meeting will be in November.  We are looking for a volunteer to be our new chair for 2013-2014.

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