BIB Minutes 2013 01

LION Bibliographic Meeting — MINUTES

Thursday January 10, 2013
Wallingford Public Library
Submitted by Chair Becky Hagstrom Meriden Public Library

In attendance: Colleen Bailie (West Haven), Andrea Buka (Ledyard), Karan Conover (LION), Lew Daniels (Westbrook), Janet Everett (Old Lyme), Andy Gardner (LION), Frances Gibbs-Kail (New London), Jennett Grinnell (Branford), Patricia Griswold (East Haddam), Becky Hagstrom (Meriden), Pat Johnson (Wallingford), Stephanie Johnson (Guilford), Lydia Main (East Lyme), Linda Muszynski (Walllingford), Amy Noble (North Haven), Susan O’Brien (Meriden), Lynn Serra (Woodbridge), Cyndi Shirshac (Durham), Betty Walker (Wallingford), Barbara Welch (Stony Creek), Jonathan Wiener (Orange)

  1. After much discussion it was voted that: No library-specific notes are to appear in bib records, including those for e-readers, and that titles in bib records for equipment are to be kept generic and non-library specific as well. It was suggested that contents of devices be listed in the item record’s internal note. Members of the committee feel that their patrons are more interested in the e-readers themselves, not the items loaded on them, so we’ll try doing it this way.

  3. At this time Sierra allows very little to be changed as far as size of boxes, font size, colors and what’s in the display. When a record is being edited the font and color display may be changed in settings. In a general search however, the color cannot be changed. What is displayed, how much, what part, where on the screen and other screen arrangements were mentioned. Future III releases should deal with some of these issues. The next release, however, in a few weeks, will not. To share tips, tricks and complaints, Andy suggested sending them to the LION mailing list for the bib committee:

  5. We discussed spine labels, with members sharing what methods they use. Spine labels can be produced through Sierra, as an option.

  7. Bib records for TV series on DVD are to contain the 130 tag using a specific format. Example: 130 00 Bones (Television Program).nSeason 4. (Bones and (Television Program) are in subfield a, and Season 4 is in subfield n) The 245 is to come from the chief source of information and there is to be no 246. We are to strip out any 246 tags we see in these records. This was voted on and approved.

  9. DVD/Blu-Ray combo packs continue to be a concern. For now we will continue to do what was decided at the March 5, 2012 meeting (#10, part C. in the minutes). This topic will quite possibly come up again.

  11. Some libraries still report disappearing item and bib records. Some libraries don’t seem to have this problem while others consistently lose several records each week.

  13. Colleen Bailie (West Haven) graciously volunteered to be our new committee chair for the next two years. She will plan a meeting for April.

Submitted by Becky Hagstrom
January 15, 2013

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