BIB Minutes 2013 09

LION Bibliographic Meeting — MINUTES

September 24, 2013


Attendees: Colleeen Bailie (WH); Paulette Carrano (NB); Andy Gardner (LION); Frances Gibbs-Karl (NL); Andrea Buka (LD); Janet Everett (OL);  Jonathan Wiener (OR);  Norma Wright (OS); Barbara Welch (WW); Cyndi Shirshac (DU); Lydia Main (EL); Pat Johnson (WA); Angela Beach (NH); Rob McCool (GU); Kathleen Sasso (EL)

With all the new catalogers on board we did a round of introductions.

A discussion was had on how to handle maps and illustrations in the 300 tag. Consensus was it’s up to a cataloger’s discretion with RDA how to handle.

There were multiple mentions of where to find good, accurate RDA information. The RDA list serv was mentioned, Auto-cat list serv, in addition to the RDA Toolkit, our own LION guidelines, and the Library of Congress.

There was a discussion on problems with merged records; either the information disappearing or records being overwritten. Andy mentioned that with multiple people in the system more than likely records are being overwritten by another cataloger and that’s why the information is different.

It was brought up that one movie studio, Criterion, will no longer be distributing movies in standard format. They will only be in Blu-Ray combo packs. As such, people can continue to decide whether they want to split them up or circulate them as a whole.

If anyone notices inaccurate information in an RDA record, ie a 238 or 963 that shouldn’t be there, it should be deleted.

For Order records- if Wallingford notices other people attached to an order record and creates a new bib record, they will transfer everyone but North Haven to the good record.

There was a discussion on the Acquisition module in Sierra and multiple libraries are interested in getting more information. It’s been a large time saver for West Haven and Wallingford. Both Quality Books and Brodart can also be FTP’d into Sierra in the same manner as Baker & Taylor.

For Book/DVD combos, there should be two 336, 337, 338 fields.

If the 336, 337, 338 fields are put in in the wrong order, they need to be manually moved by putting cursor one row below where you want it to go.

The next meeting will be in 6 months or when I get 10 topics, whichever comes first!

Submitted by Colleen Bailie, Bib Committee Chair- September 24, 2013

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