BIB Minutes 2014 04

LION Bibliographic Meeting — MINUTES
April 30, 2014


Attendees: Colleeen Bailie (WM); Karan Conover (LION); Andy Gardner (LION); Frances Gibbs-Karl (NL); Andrea Buka (LB/LG); Janet Everett (OL); Bob Knapik (OR); Norma Wright (OS); Cyndi Shirshac (DU); Lydia Main (EL); Angela Beach (NH); Pat Griswold (RA); Anne O’Connor (MA); Gennett Grinnell (BR); Paula Soares (MD); Stephanie Johnson (MC); Susan O’Brien (ME); Lynn Serra (WD); Lew Daniels (WS)

Death of Santini by Pat Conroy was discussed as it’s a grey area if it’s Non-fiction or fiction, and Library of Congress has it as fiction. The LION policy is that we go with the Library of Congress record. If it’s definitely wrong, you can talk to the Library of Congress about the record.

Blu-Rays—The consensus was that most libraries are separating their Blu-Ray/DVD packs and it’s time for a Blu-Ray item type. Middletown has also added a Blu-Ray location code.

Blu-Ray/DVD combo packs – only use the records for these if you’re keeping the DVDs together.

There was a question regarding ILL’s and how libraries handle them. Ledyard does fast adds right to the correct Bib, West Haven and some others have dummy Bib records that they then add the ILLs to.

There were a number of reminders for everyone:

  • Remember to add the 008 field, a number of reports are generated from this field. Check all remote records that are added into the system.
  • If the 264 field is in a record, you can strip out the 260
  • For changing material types with 007; change the material type, then save and open 008 to fix.
  • If you find an OCLC record that looks good, add the ocm number to the 035 field and send to Karan.
  • Remember to always check the Graphic Novel list and if any new series are being added, send the titles to Karan.
  • Graphic novels content code in RDA is 6 in the 336 field and then be sure to add 655 |t to existing record for proper title searching.
  • If multiple people are attached to a bad Vendor record and a correct record is in the system, let Karan know about the record.
  • The first library to have an item in hand is the library that has to update and/or correct the record.

Submitted by Colleen Bailie, Bib Committee Chair
May 1, 2014

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