BIB Minutes 2014 10

LION Bibliographic Committee Meeting — MINUTES

October 9, 2014

Attending: Marcelle Guth (BE), Gennett Grinnel (BR), Cyndi Shirshac (DU), Lydia Main (EL), Rob McCoole (GU),  Sue Staehly (HA), Andrea Buka (LB), Andy Gardner (LION), Karen Conover (LION), Anne O'Connor (MA), Becky Hagstrom (ME), Susan O'Brien (ME), Paulette Carrano (NB), Angela Beach (NH), Janet Everett (OL), Jonathan Wiener (OR), Pat Griswold (RA), Pat Johnson (WA), Jessica Rogoz (HM), Colleen Bailie (WH)

Lexile Numbers—There was discussion regarding keeping Lexile numbers in bib records.

A magazine material type will be added and Andy will convert the current magazines once the change has been made.

Blu-Rays and DVDs—There was much discussion in regards to Blu-Rays. A gentle reminder to everyone to not put Blu-Ray in the volume field and only use the field for the proper information. Also, when splitting up combo packs, make sure to have two separate records; one for Blu-Ray and one for DVD.

Volume Fields—If you do notice incorrect information in the volume field, please send the information to KC.

020 subfield q—the subfields are showing up in red. Andy will be correcting in Sierra.

Serials—discussion in regards to ISSN vs. ISBNs. Also a reminder that you can add a new editions ISBN to a serial record.

Tip—when creating multiple volumes for sets you can go to the template prompt and switch to multiple volumes and then switch it back when complete.

Reminder—if you are the first library to attach a physical item to a record, you must add all correct, relevant information especially the 300 field.

Reminder—use cat date 9/10/2006 so KC doesn’t see the record for items such ILL’s

Reminder—to change material types for all LP items, and proper information in the form along with 300 field.

The latest Sierra update has caused a problem with Create List using a field with a date. Use = does not exist for the time being instead of leaving blank. It will be fixed with the next release.


Next meeting will be in late winter/early spring!


Submitted by Colleen Bailie, Bib Committee Chair 10/10/14

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