Bib Minutes 2015 07

Bibliographic Committee Meeting Minutes July 28, 2015

Attending: Gennett Grinnel (BR), Cyndi Shirshac (DU), Lydia Main (EL), Gina Monti (GU), Sue Staehly (HA), Andy Gardner (LION), Karen Conover (LION), Anne O’Connor (MA), Becky Hagstrom (ME), Susan O’Brien (ME), Janet Everett (OL), Jonathan Wiener (OR), Jessica Rogoz (HM), Colleen Bailie (WH), Frances Gibbs-Kail (NL), Norma Wright (OS), Kathleen Sasso (EH), Nancy Bruckner (NW)

Some records for Middletown look to have been deleted/merged accidentally. There was some discussion about merged records and how they’re handled. Andy stated that he deleted ‘naked’ bibs after three weeks.

There was discussion on changing permissions for deletions so problems don’t continue. Each library can decide to change their permissions for cataloging/circulation if they want to.

There was discussion about item changes and how libraries handle them. The vast majority have everything sent to Tech Services.

Books with multiple formats such as hardcover and trade paperback can be on the same record. Mass market and large print should have separate records.

Vendor records have become a larger issue, along with ISR’s with no 100 tag. There was a long discussion and we will be creating a subcommittee to discuss how to handle the ongoing problems with vendor records to hopefully come up with a solution everyone can live with.

There was a lengthy discussion about 300 & 700 tags. Chiefly missing tags and how they should be handled. No specific solution was found but Andy will be running some lists to see how many have bad records. This topic may also be broached within the subcommittee.

We are going to have another meeting in October after the subcommittee meets to see where we should with vendor records and database cleanup.


Submitted by Colleen Bailie, Bib Committee Chair

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