Board Minutes 1996 05

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
May 21, 1996

Present: Claire Murphy, Liz Creighton, Marcia Trotta, Sandra Ruoff, Stuart Porter, Elsie Jenkins, Ann Davis, Ann Penfield, Lydia L. Main, Karen Smith, Valerie Harrod, Leslie Scherer, Jan Day, Susan Stewart, Susan Donovan, Marcia Welsh, Marlene Palmquist, Sandy Long, Anne G. Calvert, Joe Fromme, Mark D. Hewes, Bill Edge, President Ed Murray, Gale Bradbury. Absent: GUS, MOC/TVY.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m., at the Russell Library in Middletown, CT.

II. ADDITIONS: Bill Edge (LION) requested to revise the order of the agenda to consider the proposed 1996-97 budget after proposals a & b.**


IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Ann Penfield moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion to approve the March 26, 1996 minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

V. TREASURER'S REPORTS: Bill Edge reported on the March report which was mailed out. TRAVEL included $1,530 for the CODI Conference airfares; MISC. includes $200 for PPlus CLA Booth (most reimbursed by PPlus), $250 postage, $85 National DG Users Group; NEW EQUIP. includes 3 Wyse 150 terminals. Bill handed out the April report and reported that MAINT. BIB showed a $4,338 deficit – most due to double payment of $3,280 for LC Subjects; MISC. includes $110 for CRLC training courses, $128 for postage meter rent, and $243 for photocopying; NEW EQUIP. includes $2,613 for 2 telxon units. The report was accepted.


2. LION downtime: Mark handed out his report which includes a discussion of the downtime. Mark reported on the events leading up to the crash, the downtime, the problems that resulted and the recovery process. Several pieces of email were generated during the recovery process(included). Mark also reported it is still not known if Community Resources and E-mail are covered by the TAP process.

3. Request from members for a "broadcast" fax explaining technical difficulties during downtime to answer patron questions without phoning LION. Some members have suggested establishing methods or policies for dealing with similar problems in the future. Others have suggested taking on part-time staff to rectify problem records and files: Libraries requested a policy for extended downtimes whereby libraries would be informed of the progress LION was making in bringing the system back up. There was also a discussion on the best way for libraries to report problems to LION once the system is back up. LION would prefer to be notified by phone as often as necessary to report any problems. The person phoning should be knowledgeable enough to provide details of the problem including account information, item information, time it occurred, etc. There was a consensus that LION should give a status report to each library twice a day during extended downtimes.

**1. a. Proposal to replace LION's present 7 500 (sic) MB drive with a RAID 5 array of 5 2 GB drives (approx. $12,500): Bill reported that during the recent downtime information was lost due to data not being mirrored as expected. He recommends mirroring all drives.

b. Proposal to purchase a tape array to facilitate more frequent tape backups of the system (approx. $7,125): Bill recommended purchasing a tape array to facilitate more frequent back-ups. Back-ups are currently done once a week and someone must be available to change the tape during the process. The tape array would eliminate the need for staff to be on hand. Bill also recommended looking into custom software to automate the back-up process. Mark Hewes stated that this equipment is a good investment as it can be used on several platforms. Stuart Porter moved and Ann Calvert seconded a motion to purchase a RAID 5 array of 5 2 GB drives and a tape array. The motion carried unanimously.

1. Consideration of the proposed 1996-97 budget for Board adoption: Bill Edge handed out a revised budget for 1996-97 with a budget summary and projected member income and reported on the changes made. Ann Penfield moved and Stuart Porter seconded a motion to accept the proposed budget as presented May 21, 1996. The motion carried. Bill Edge asked libraries to review the projected member library income and the proposed new terminals for their library.

4. Consideration of a proposed LION office environment procedure to determine action on air conditioning and heating downtime: Ann Calvert reported on a Personnel Committee recommendation to revise the personnel policy to cover specific conditions which may warrant a need for the Executive Director to close the LION office. The consensus of the board was to leave the policy alone with the understanding that the Executive Director has the ability to make a judgment call on closing the LION office.

5. CODI conference events: Anne Calvert, Mark Hewes and Joe Fromme discussed the recent CODI conference and handed out written reports on their experience.

6. EBSCOhost Status: Joe Fromme reported that EBSCOhost is up and running as of May 1st. Six libraries are using it – MXC, WBR, MRD, LED, MDT, and DUR – with two more – NLN and GUI – expecting to add it soon. Joe asked for feedback from the libraries on any problems.

7. Partnership Plus

a. Consideration of a resolution to share LION's effort to hire a consultant to study the viability of consortia, and if appropriate study of a "next system" with Bibliomation, CONNECT, LEAP. This is with the understanding costs will be shared: Bill Edge reported on the request of other consortia to join LION in their search for the next step. Concerns were raised by members about designing a system to satisfy the needs of all of the consortia. There was a consensus to design our own RFP first and if at that point the other consortia wish to join in we would consider it.

b. Are LION libraries willing to make their Community Resources files visible to Partnership Plus users?: Bill Edge discussed a request to allow Partnership Plus libraries to have access to Community Resource Files of those libraries that wished to make it available. A survey was handed out for libraries to indicate their willingness to make their file available. Leslie Scherer moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion to have the libraries affected fill out the survey and that LION make the approved Community Resource files available in LIOPAC so all libraries can see them. The motion passed unanimously.

c. Is LION willing to permit a trial (at least 2 months) access to EBSCOhost for CONNECT libraries through our dedicated Frame Relay connection? Under the same terms as for LION libraries (i.e., free until May 1, 1997, then share telecom costs on a pro-rata per library basis).: Bill Edge discussed a request for CONNECT libraries to access EBSCOhost through our dedicated circuit. He brought out several issues ie the effect on response time, assessing costs and expanding beyond a 56 KB line. Discussion followed with concerns being raised about the issues Bill mentioned. Some members felt the LION libraries had not had enough time to effectively use the product to evaluate the response time. Jan Day moved and Ann Penfield seconded a motion to table the request. The motion passed unanimously.

8. Durham Public Library is interested in leasing an additional LION terminal during its renovation project. Is LION willing? (Last considered for Mitchell College -@ $500 one time plus monthly Operations Fees, max one year – rejected by Board 10/92): Bill Edge discussed a request by Durham to lease a terminal for the duration of their construction. He proposed an option of increasing the ops fee by 1/24th the cost a terminal which would result in a library owning the terminal after 24 months. A motion was made by Anne Calvert and seconded by Susan Donovan to allow Durham to lease a LION terminal for a $500 one time fee plus monthly operations fee for a maximum of one year. The motion carried 14 in favor, 2 opposed (WAL, MXC), 2 abstentions (WBR, PEQ).

9. Resolution authorizing LION officers and Executive Director to sign checks for our Webster Bank Account: two signatures for checks of $3,000 or more. (new bank – Shawmut is gone): Sandy Ruoff moved and Jan Day seconded a motion to authorize LION officers and Executive Director to sign checks for the Webster Bank Account. The motion carried unanimously.


1. Executive Director: Bill Edge handed out his written report and the latest CLN update. He discussed the Colonial CODI meeting held May 17th. David Slater from the Old Colony network spoke about the ALS Net Connect Sun Server they installed and Eric Keith spoke about new products.


1. PAC Committee: No report.

2. Bibliographic Committee: No report. The meeting scheduled for May 30th may change due to several conflicts.

3. Circulation Committee: Karen Smith reported on the May 16th meeting (see also Mark's report). The Committee agreed not to pursue accelerated development in order to correct the design flaw in the self service renewal option of PAC . They recommended guidelines for libraries that wish to use the self-renewal option on their PACs. Sandy Ruoff moved and Susan Donovan seconded a motion to allow the libraries that wish to use self-renewal may do so under the guidelines established by the Circulation Committee. The motion carried. The committee also discussed the issue of ILL requests which are checked out and put on hold. The Committee recommends that the library send the book to where ever the computer says regardless of who the book is for. They further recommend that when a non-LION library requests a book which is not on the shelf the library should tell the requesting library the book is not available or if a hold is placed it should be made copy specific.

4. Personnel Committee: Anne Calvert reported that the Personnel Committee met on May 13th. Many issues have been previously covered. The Committee asked for a definition of Joe Fromme's job description to see if he is able to help individual libraries with their PCs. The issue overlaps with planning Committee issues so they have been asked to look at it and give a recommendation. The committee also recommends that he provide training for member libraries' staff on using Partnership Plus.

5. Finance Committee: No report.

6. Planning Committee: No Report. The Planning Subcommittee will meet this afternoon to begin work on an RFP for hiring a consultant to look at LION's future needs.


Mark asked that anyone interested in recall training let him know by May 24th. If a library has already received a "free" recall training they must pay $480 to send another staff member.


Mark asked if any libraries were open Sunday, May 26th. There will be no standby on Sunday or Monday.


1. Next meeting: June 25th, 1996, 9:30 a.m. at Public Library of New London. Menus for lunch were handed out. Mail or fax your choice to Ed Murray.

2. Refreshments: New London

3. A motion was made by Anne Calvert to adjourn at 12:40 pm. The motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gale F. Bradbury, Secretary

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