Board Minutes 1996 06

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
June 25, 1996


Present: President Ed Murray, Bill Edge, Valerie Harrod, Leslie Scherer, Paul Price, Sandy Long, Helene Tieger, Linda Rusczek, Marie Shaw, Sandy Ruoff, Marlene Palmquist, Jan Day, Ann Davis, Ann Penfield, Howard Einsohn, Marcia Welsh, Joe Fromme, Elsie Jenkins, Lydia L. Main, Mark D. Hewes, Gale Bradbury. Absent: GUS, MDF, MRD, MTC, OLY, STC.


I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:35 a.m., at the Public Library of New London, New London, Ct.

II. ADDITIONS: Marcia Welsh requested to add a Bib Committee recommendation under Action/Discussion items and Lydia Main requested to speak about PAC terminals under Old Business.


IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Ann Penfield moved and Marie Shaw seconded a motion to approve the May 21, 1996 minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

V. TREASURER'S REPORTS: Bill Edge reported on the May 31 report which was handed out. RECEIPTS included $11,311 dividends on 2 Treasury Notes. Under expenditures TELEPHONE NETWORK included 2 months of SNET @ $4,290 and one quarter of PPlus/Internet service @ $2,272; MAINTENANCE-HARD/SOFT included $4,644 UPS annual renewal; and SYSTEM COST, CUSTOM CODE included $1,200 for American Heritage Dictionary. The report was accepted.


1. Informal poll of those members sending representatives to Guilford for the June 26th Holds Matrices meeting: A show of hands revealed 7 libraries planned to attend the meeting.

2. Articulate LION Board concern on status of C-Car service. [Bibliomation has discontinued its delivery service with effects on Fairfield County]: Bill Edge handed out a copy of a letter sent to ACLPD by Mike Simonds on behalf of PPlus, expressing concerns about adequate document delivery service with a draft of a letter to Pat Owens from Ed Murray on behalf of LION, endorsing the first letter. Bill discussed the importance of adequate C-Car delivery and the concerns expressed by other groups. Elsie Jenkins moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion to send a letter to the Connecticut State Library Board endorsing Mike Simonds letter and recommending that the service be expanded to include all public, school and academic libraries in the Connecticut Library network. The motion carried.

3. LAN/WAN Internet server installation: Mark Hewes reported he is still gathering data on new products coming available from Dynix . He spoke about a product called NetConnect II and its effect on PAC searching including issues dealing with the LC, OCLC and Wilson databases. Joe reported on the larger issue of hardware and the importance of getting machines that talk to each other. He discussed the CITRIX server and what it could do for LION. A LAN/ WAN could provide enhanced services for LION members.

4. Discussion of canceling Ameritech's hardware maintenance program and buying directly from Data General. [Savings of 10% are possible through DG.]: Bill discussed the costs of the hardware maintenance contract with Ameritech and the pros and cons of switching to Data General for the service. He recommends prepaying Ameritech for the first quarter of next year and if they provide an incentive to stay with them otherwise consider contracting with Data General. There was a consensus of opinion.

5. Discussion of Recall training costs: Valerie Harrod discussed the $485 per person cost to send a second person to beginning Recall training. There was a consensus of opinion to reactivate the Recall Committee to meet regularly and discuss possible recall reports. Valerie Harrod moved and Sandy Ruoff seconded a motion to have LION staff provide an ABC's of Recall training for member libraries. The motion carried. Paul Price moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion to have LION subsidize half the cost of Ameritech training in Beginning Recall for new staff members up to once a year and that the wider question of having LION staff take over the training be addressed by the Personnel Committee. The motion carried.

6. Discussion of a draft RFP to hire a "next system" consultant and the point that we may open the process to other consortium: Leslie Scherer handed out a draft RFP as recommended by the planning Committee. Discussion followed. Valerie Harrod moved and Jan Day seconded a motion to move forward with Phase I of the draft RFP. The motion carried, 15 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstention (MOC/TVY)

7. Discussion of custom programming to use the Professional Media Services Corporation (PMSC) Database for cataloging non-print materials: Marcia Welsh discussed a Bibliographic Committee Recommendation to move forward on purchasing the PMSC database previously approved by the board and that LION request and pay for the custom programming from Dynix needed to use the software at a cost of about $1,000. Leslie Scherer moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion to approve spending $1,000 to have Dynix do custom programming for the PMSC Database. The motion carried.


1. Executive Director: Bill Edge handed out his written report for the period since May 21, 1996. Bill reported that Guilford High School will officially leave LION January 1, 1997. He initiated an order for a disk drive upgrade and DLT tape back-up. Joe Fromme gave an update on EBSCOhost. He reported improved performance with the new configuration and that a new release is now in beta testing. The new version is available to look at in the staff accounts. We may have eleven libraries using the product soon which will qualify those using it for the first level of discounts. Bill handed out a price list showing the discounted price. Bill mentioned it was a busy month for PPlus and that the Russell Library was cutting a hole in the wall of the LION office to circulate air from the computer room. Bill handed out copies of the minutes of the May 8, 1996 Partnership Plus Committee Meeting.

     1a. Associate Director: Mark Hewes handed out his written report. He reported on the Community Resources files available on LIOPAC, Self Service Renewal and ReQuest. The ReQuest Executive Committee voted to dissolve at their last meeting. The next edition of ReQuest scheduled for this fall is the last one the State Library is authorized to produce.

2. PAC Committee: No report.

5. Circulation Committee: No Report

6. Personnel Committee: No Report

3. Partnership Plus ILL/User : Bill handed out a memo from Lydia Main concerning PPlus and Wyse 150 terminals. Joe Fromme gave an overview of using PPlus and the searches available on a Wyse 30 vs. a Wyse 150 terminal. The State University System is not available on a Wyse 30 but can be accessed from a Wyse 150 terminal. Most libraries have at least 1 Wyse 150 terminal. Terminal needs for LION libraries are in a state of transition and there was a consensus to wait and see which direction we decide to go in before purchasing more Wyse 150 terminals to replace the Wyse 30s.

4. Bibliographic Committee: No report. The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, Sept. 5, 1996.

7. Finance Committee: No report.

8. Planning Committee: Leslie Scherer reported on a request from the Personnel Committee for the Planning Committee to discuss the training role of Joe Fromme at their meeting this afternoon.


X. NEW BUSINESS: Leslie Scherer suggested that the LION Board send a letter to Pat Owens thanking her for her help over the years. Pat will be leaving the State Library after 20 years of service. A party will be given at the State Library Thursday, July 25th. Marie Shaw questioned the likelihood of problems with LION if the potential brown outs or blackouts occur. Brownouts could be serious but LION staff felt we could get through it.


1. Next meeting: July 23rd, 1996, 9:30 a.m. at Russell Library in Middletown.
2. Refreshments: Middlefield, Levi E. Coe Library.
3. A motion was made by Sandy Ruoff and seconded by Lydia Main to      adjourn at 12:30 pm. The motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gale F. Bradbury, Secretary

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