Board Minutes 1997 01

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
January 28, 1997

Present: President Anne G. Calvert, Linda Rusczek, Karen Smith, Valerie J. Harrod, Marcia Lewis, Ann Davis, Jan Day, Elsie Jenkins, Joe Fromme, Marie Shaw, Leslie Scherer, Ann Penfield, Liz Creighton, Marcia Trotta, Sandra Ruoff, Paul Price, Robert D'Agostino, Ed Murray, Lydia L. Main, Sandy Long, Susan Donovan, Gabriella Kaye, Helene Tieger, Mark D. Hewes, Bill Edge, Gale Bradbury. Absent: BRB

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m., at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT.

II. ADDITIONS: Elsie Jenkins asked to speak about setting a fixed Price for the training classes.


IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Lydia Main moved and Ann Davis seconded a motion to approve the December 17, 1996 minutes. The motion carried.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: Bill reported on the December 31, 1996 Treasurer's Report mailed out to members. It was a month of high income due to the end of quarter payments due for ops fees. Under expenditures, System, Custom Code: 525 was for custom invoice software and under new equipment 6,961 was for the DLT Drive and network approved in September, 1996. There was a consensus to receive the report.


1. Planning Committee Recommendations (Leslie Scherer)

a. Designation of Review Group/Exec Committee: Leslie Scherer reported on the two Planning Committee meetings held since the last Board meeting. A contract has been signed with Rob McGee. The Planning Committee recommends that a review group be established to review all of the documentation sent by Rob and make recommendations. This group is to be composed of the Planning Committee plus Marie Shaw to represent schools, Ann Penfield to represent all academic libraries, Ann Davis, and Anne McFarland to represent Special Libraries. In addition an Executive Committee should be established to make quick decisions. This Committee includes Bill Edge, Anne Calvert, Leslie Scherer, and Ed Murray. Leslie Scherer moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion to accept the recommendation of the Planning Committee. The motion carried.

b. LION participation in Joint Project: Leslie Scherer reported on the plan to include other consortia in our study. Bill Edge handed out a document describing the LION system models and a revised task list. Rob McGee has created 2 separate projects – one for LION only and a second as a joint project with other interested consortia. The document contains system models and task lists for each with prices. The cost of a LION only project is $25,000 and for a joint project there is an additional cost depending on how many parties join in. The cost for 2 is $18,160 and not more than $10,000 per party for 3-8 parties. The cost for a single library to join is $1,000. At this time Bibliomation and Hamden Library have indicated possible interest. The CLN is not interested at this time but Bill pointed out they do not have anything in place for telecommunications equipment or Internet service. Concerns were raised about LION having to pay more if other consortia were to join in. Bill and Leslie spoke about the benefits to LION in the joint study (e.g. it would give us other models to look at.) Leslie Scherer moved and Ed Murray seconded a motion for LION to participate in the joint project at a cost not to exceed $10,000. The motion carried, 14 in favor; 4 opposed, ELH, STC, DUR, MDF; 0 abstentions.

c. Inclusion of Branford High School and Westbrook Public Library in the LION study. Branford High School and Westbrook Library are both interested in joining LION. The Planning Committee has recommended that they be included in the LION only project. There is no additional cost for either LION or the two libraries. Leslie Scherer moved and Ann Penfield seconded a motion to include them in the study. The motion carried.

d. Other: Bill Edge handed out a survey form for libraries to fill out and return to LION by Friday, January 31, 1997. He asked that we use the budget figures for FY 96. He also handed out RFI and RFQ documents for the Review Group to read.

2. Dynix New Release Update (Mark Hewes) Mark discussed Release 160. He mentioned that this release was written mainly to support PAC for Windows. Interested parties must purchase PAC for windows separately as an add on product. The Delta document for major releases will typically list all the new add on products, enhancements and bug fixes. Mark feels the Board should be made aware of the add on products and enhancements. He discussed the add on products for Release 160 including CAT for Windows, Debt Collect, PC Reliance, Enrich Bisac, unattended back-up and PAC for Windows. Mark described the Dynix documentation on the Web. He also discussed the enhancements included in this release e.g. cataloging -netmark, e-mailing notices to patrons, and fines accruing. Mark will continue to notify the Board as add-ons and enhancements become available.

There was discussion about whether the Project Directors should be notified first. There was a consensus to go through Project Directors.

3. LION willingness to provide Z39.50/WWW access if CLN subsidizes cost in whole//in part (Mark Hewes, Bill Edge) Bill handed out an abstract from the CLN Board meeting minutes of December 18, 1996 requesting consideration of this application by the CLN Board. Mark reported that we have Z39.50 access on the LION server to test the client software and to get MARC records. Two Z39.50 products, Bookwhere and Win PAC were purchased to try. WinPAC worked fine, BookWhere did not. Mark handed out an example of a search done on the CARL WebPAC vs a "dumb" terminal search. He discussed the pros and cons of both. He went on to discuss the Dynix WebPAC. He handed out the most recent quote from Ameritech for the product. The current cost is $40,000, it is a new product on a new operating system which has not yet been tested. He is still not ready to recommend it. Sandy Ruoff and Marie Shaw seconded a motion that LION may be willing to explore the possibility of WWW access via Z39.50 if it is paid in full or part by the Connecticut Library Network. 16 in favor, 0 opposed, 2 abstentions (MOC/TVY, NWC).

4. Appointment of LION Committee Chairs (Anne Calvert): Anne Calvert handed out a draft Committee Membership roster for 1997. Ann Davis, Sandy Ruoff and Elsie Jenkins agreed to be on the Finance Committee; Valerie Harrod, Susan Donovan and Sandy Ruoff agreed to be on the Nominating Committee; and Marlene Palmquist and Marcia Trotta agreed to be on the Personnel Committee. Anne Calvert read a note from outgoing Bibliographic Committee Chair, Marcia Welsh. Marcia will receive a LION mug.

5. Recommendation of the Circulation Committee regarding collecting overdue fines: Karen Smith discussed a recommendation from the Circulation Committee to allow individual libraries to collect fines that patrons owe to other libraries. Leslie Scherer moved and Jan Day seconded a motion allowing overdue fines owed to another library which block service to be paid to and kept by a library, providing the owed library can be contacted by phone at the time of the payment to assure removal of the fine from the patron's record. Discussion followed on other methods of contacting libraries other than by phone e.g. e-mail, and/or giving patrons a receipt. Mark Hewes described a way for libraries to clear the fine by using a Patron Id #. The motion carried, 13 in favor, 2 opposed (MOC/TVY, ELY), 3 abstentions (MXC, EHP,PEQ).

6. Fixed price for LION classes (Elsie Jenkins): Elsie withdrew this item and asked that it be put on the agenda for the next Board meeting.


1. LION Staff Reports:

a. Bill Edge handed out his written report. Uptime for the previous month was 96.75%. Bill handed out a letter from Pat Tanner dated December 20, 1996 requesting closure to the LION contract, with his response. Bill agreed to closure for the ILL software and training for the acquisitions software but he would not give up the system warranties before the contract expiration date. He also handed out a second letter from Ameritech dated December 13, 1996 which proposes to change the pricing for custom software with Bill's reply that this is not acceptable. There was a consensus from the Board to support both letters.

b. Mark Hewes covered his report earlier.

c. Joe Fromme Handed out his written report. He mentioned networked systems now working. He described a change made to EBSCOhost creating separate menu items for EBSCOhost, Medline and Eric on the terminals at Middlesex Community College library – the same will be done for other libraries that have it.

2. PAC Committee: Marcia Lewis handed out minutes from the last PAC meeting. There was a lot of brainstorming about where the focus of the committee should be. Sean Rogers gave a demo of BIP. A list of searching codes was handed out. There was discussion about the value of having BIP online.

3. Bibliographic Committee: No report.

4. Circulation Committee: No further report.

5. Personnel Committee: No report.

6. Finance Committee: No report.

7. Planning Committee: No report but Rob McGee will be here for the next LION meeting and the Planning Committee will hold their next meeting at Wallingford Library on Feb. 6th to look at the frame relay connection and their local area network.


1. Three people will attend the CODI, Anne Calvert, Bill Edge and Rick Widlansky.

2. Bill Edge reported that there will be a Citrix display set up at ALA if anyone plans to attend.

3. Bill also reported the CLN homepage is now available at LION is listed there as a telnet accessible system. Concerns were raised about the system security and recommendations were made not to allow this. Leslie Scherer moved and Linda Rusczek seconded a motion to disable telnet access until adequate security can be provided; LION will pursue this immediately. Discussion followed on how to provide this security. All voted in favor, the motion carried.


1. Sandy Ruoff reported on a Bill being introduced to the General Assembly under the sponsorship of the Joint Committee on Education and Technology for approximately 60 million dollars, 6.4 million of which has been designated for the Connecticut Library network. This is the first time three organizations have worked together on legislation and there seems to be a more favorable climate for receiving it. Bill mentioned more information can be found on the CLN homepage and encouraged members to look at it.


1. Next meeting: February 25, 1997 – 9:30 a.m. at the Russell Library. Refreshments: Meriden Public Library.

2. A motion was made by Leslie Scherer to adjourn at 1:10 p.m.

The motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gale F. Bradbury, Secretary

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