Board Minutes 1997 02

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
February 25, 1997

Present: President Anne G. Calvert, Bill Edge, Leslie Scherer, Sandy Long, Ann Davis, Joe Fromme, Marlene Palmquist, Ed Murray, Sandra Ruoff, Marcia Trotta, Liz Creighton, Karen Smith, Linda Rusczek, Lydia L. Main, Marcia Lewis, Patricia Brault, Ann McFarland, Gennett Grinnell, Phyllis Ellingham, Lewis Daniels, Pam Roy, Mark D. Hewes, Susan Donovan, Elsie Jenkins, Jan Day, Anne Penfield, Paul Price, Helene Tieger, Marie Shaw, Gale Bradbury, Rob McGee of RMG Consultants, Inc. Absent: MTC.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m., at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT. Rob McGee of RMG Consultants, Inc. was with us for the Board meeting and invited to make any comments he felt were appropriate.

II. ADDITIONS: Treasurer's Report

III. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Lydia Main moved and Anne Penfield seconded a motion to approve the January 28, 1997 minutes. The motion carried.

IV. TREASURER'S REPORT: Bill reported on the January 31, 1997 Treasurer's Report mailed out to members. Under disbursements Telephone Network was high due to a 6 month payment to Partnership Plus in addition to the monthly EBSCO line and the network charge; Maintenance Bib included LC Books – English subscription and the LC Subject Authority database subscription; and Capital equipment included 2 PAC terminals, 1 wand, 1 general purpose terminal and an access server. There was a consensus to receive the report.


1. Whether LION is authorized to proceed now with providing access via frame relay to those libraries who wish to use this means of telecommunications: (Handouts: Sheet 1 – Libraries currently interested in moving to frame relay; Frame Relay Telecommunications Network; E-mail from Bill Edge with background information and a recommendation.) Bill Edge discussed a typical Library network. He described the Thames Valley frame relay connection. An access server will allow libraries to move to frame relay without replacing the dumb terminals. Bill compared the access server to the multiplexor – it replaces something LION currently provides. He recommends that LION pay for the access server. Bill went on to discuss the router and frame relay circuit – who pays for this is not as clear since libraries can use it for more than just a LION connection. Three sites are already connected to LION via frame relay, Thames Valley, P-Plus and EBSCOhost. The router in the LION office has limited capacity and will need to be upgraded as more sites/libraries are added. Discussion followed on the need for access servers if the dumb terminals are replaced with PC's. They would be needed for dial in access. Joe Fromme mentioned the servers would have a trade in value if they were no longer needed. The total cost of moving to frame relay was discussed. Marie Shaw asked if it would be possible to lease the access servers and would LION look into it. Karen Smith moved and Marlene Palmquist seconded a motion for LION to pay the cost to provide and maintain access servers for the five libraries that want frame relay. The motion carried.


  1. Next meeting: March 25, 1997 – 9:30 a.m. at the Russell Library. Refreshments: Mitchell College Library
  2. A motion was made by Lydia Main to adjourn at 10:00 p.m. The motion carried. Rob McGee from RMG Consultants, Inc. then spoke to the Board about current library technology and the automation marketplace.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gale F. Bradbury, Secretary

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