Board Minutes 1997 04

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
April 29, 1997


Present: President Anne G. Calvert, Valerie Harrod, Karen Smith, Ann Penfield, Lydia L. Main, Susan Donovan, Leslie Scherer, Liz Creighton, Marcia Trotta, Marcia Lewis, Linda Rusczek, Ann Davis, Elsie Jenkins, Ed Murray, Marlene Palmquist, Gennett Grinnell, Helene Tieger, Jan Day, Nancy Wardell, Sandy Ruoff, Sandy Long, Marie Shaw. Absent: MTC, MOC/TVY. (Bill Edge, Mark Hewes and Joe Fromme came in following executive session).

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m., at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT. Leslie Scherer moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion to go into executive session to discuss personnel issues.

Ann Penfield moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion to go out of executive session at 9:55 The meeting resumed at 10:02 with Bill Edge, Mark Hewes and Joe Fromme in attendance. No action was taken from the executive session.

II. ADDITIONS: Leslie Scherer asked to discuss a get together for Stu Porter. Linda Rusczek announced that Arthur Meyers from Hammond, Indiana has been hired to replace Stu. He will begin next week.


IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Jan Day moved and Ann Penfield seconded a motion to approve the February 25, 1997 minutes. The motion carried.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: Bill reported on the February 28, and March 31, 1997 Treasurer's Reports. February was a low income month. Under disbursements 450 in Custom Code was for call # indexes; 2,525 in Consulting was for RMG LION tasks 1,3,& 4; and 810 in New Equipment was for a PAC terminal and wand. In March we had 5,500 in System share income – now above the amount budgeted. Under disbursements 5,404 in rent was for parking through November, 1998; 3,777 in consulting was for RMG LION trip 1; 392 in new equipment was for a PAC terminal. There was a consensus to receive the reports.


1.  Executive Director Situation:

a. Bill's Multiple Myeloma condition – Bill Edge thanked everyone for their expressions of concern and caring. He discussed timing and options for treatment and the likely impact on his ability to work.

b – d. Personnel Committee recommendations – Anne Calvert discussed the recommendation to provide Mark Hewes the authority to act in Bill's absence. This authorization is already in place in the job description but there are other areas in which he can be given more authority such as signing checks.

e. Authorize Mark to sign LION checks; require one officer to sign checks $3,000 or more – Anne discussed the time involved for LION staff to drive to another library for an officer to co-sign checks. The Personnel Committee recommends that this requirement be dropped on checks under $3,000 when Mark is standing in for Bill. Marie Shaw moved and Ed Murray seconded a motion to authorize Mark to sign LION checks and require one officer to sign checks $3,000 or more. The motion carried.

f. Establish new part time Office manager position – Bill modified this request to a full time position. Bill spoke about the need for a person to help Rick with the paperwork functions of his job since much of his time is spent out of the office helping individual libraries. The position will begin on June 1st with an annual starting salary of $29,120 . Bill mentioned the cataloging projects which would be finished up this year eliminating the need for two part time cataloging positions and some additional hours already budgeted for a part time clerk operator which would cover the hours for this new position. In addition the new person may take over the payroll responsibility eliminating the need for contracting it out. Bill handed out job descriptions for the new senior operator position and the Office manager position with the current Senior Operator position and a proposed budget.

Leslie Scherer moved and Ann Penfield seconded a motion to establish a full time Office Manager position. Leslie suggested LION look into outsourcing the payroll function. The motion carried.

2. RMG Update: The RFI's and RFQ's have been sent out to vendors and are coming in. Review group members should pick up their package to read before the meetings with Rob McGee next week. There was some discussion on the meetings scheduled with Rob in the coming weeks. The LION Board is scheduled to meet with Rob McGee at 12:30 on May 6th.

a. LION project

1) Bibliomation appears to be committed to staying with the CARL system. Bibliomation is willing to quote prices for individual/groups of LION libraries to join. The rates may change however.

2) CONNECT is open to looking at other systems. They promise to provide a proposal by May 2nd.

b. Joint Project

1) Several vendor meetings are scheduled to review the submitted RFI/RFQ responses. There was discussion on how many people and who should attend the vendor meetings.

3. Universal Service Fund – Technology Plans – Mark mentioned that we will not know about the availability of this fund until after the May 8th vote. It will not become official until it is published in the Federal Register (about 3 weeks after the vote). He handed out information about a teleconference planned for June 3 to be held at the regional education service centers as well as information from Dick Akeroyd and Al Hopkins. There was discussion about what is needed to apply, ie an approved technology plan, and documentation of usage rates and online charges. Some of the criteria needed in the technology plan include professional development, hardware, software and public access. Finding out the cost breakdown for current usage may be difficult to determine. It is still not certain if LION can apply on behalf of member libraries. The target date to implement the discount is September 1997.

4. ELH request for Frame Relay connection. Joe Fromme discussed a request from East Lyme High School to have a Frame Relay connection. Wallingford has decided not to use a Frame Relay connection to LION so East Lyme High would be taking their place. Marcia Trotta moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion to have LION connect East Lyme High with a Frame Relay connection. This will provide LION with needed spare Paradyne equipment. The Motion carried.

5. Single unit pricing on training: Joe Fromme spoke about the training sessions he has held – the class size has average around 7 which is good. He recommends stabilizing the price per class at $30. Non-LION members are required to pay $10 more. Sue Donovan moved and Sandy Ruoff seconded a motion to charge $30 per class for LION members. The motion carried.

6.  Officers sign Dreyfus signature authorization: Bill asked the officers to sign the authorization card.



1.  Committee Report:

a.  Circulation Committee: No report, the next meeting will be June 12th. Bibliographic Committee: No report, the next meeting will be May 29th. Personnel Committee: Nothing further to report.

b.  PAC Committee: Marcia Lewis handed out minutes from the last meeting. The committee spent time at the last meeting brainstorming on how they wanted PAC to look in the next system.

c.  Finance Committee: Karen Smith requested that the Finance Committee meet to finalize the budget for next year. A date will be set after the Board meeting.

d.  Planning Committee: No report – they may need to look at pricing for Frame Relay.

CODI conference report: Anne Calvert reported there seemed to more discontent among Dynix customers this year than last year. They are working to improve customer service, with product development and with customer needs. Anne handed out a written report of the workshops she attended. Bill Edge spoke about the meeting with ALS President Lana Porter. Ameritech appeared to be interested in keeping LION as a customer. They wish to make Ameritech a leading vendor again. Rick Widlansky discussed his impressions of the conference. He attended several recall workshops and will now be able to help Mark out with creating recall reports. He enjoyed meeting Dynix staff and people from other Dynix sites that perform the same job he does. Bill Edge discussed his impressions of the conference.

2. LION staff reports:

a. Bill Edge handed out his written report. Uptime for the last 3 months was good at 99.98%, 99.74% and 99.88% respectively.

b. Mark handed out his written report. He discussed a new listing on the terminals under Best Seller Lists of "Items in Greatest Demand". This is a list of the top 100 requests in order of demand which will be updated weekly. He also discussed the availability of The New York Times Best Seller List on the web.

c. Joe handed out his written report. Training is going well and he has been working with some libraries to create a Home Page. No interest from libraries for BIP – there will be a trial of Facts on File soon.


IX. NEW BUSINESS: Leslie suggested a get together for Stu Porter after the next Board meeting if he is available. She will contact him. Marlene Palmquist announced that the Branford Library will close for 1 month – May 16 – June 16th while they move into the renovated building.


1. Next meeting: May 27, 1997 – 9:30 a.m. at the Russell Library.

Refreshments: Mitchell College Library

2. A motion was made by Sandy Ruoff to adjourn at 12:23 p.m. The motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,


Gale F. Bradbury, Secretary

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