Board Minutes 1997 05

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
May 27, 1997


Present: President Anne G. Calvert, Mark Hewes, Ann Penfield, Ann Davis, Marlene Palmquist, Gennett Grinnell, Nancy Wardell, Sandra Ruoff, Leslie Scherer, Marie Shaw, Sandy Long, Marcia Trotta, Liz Creighton, Helene Tieger, Linda Rusczek, Arthur S. Meyers, Susan Donovan, Valerie J. Harrod, Karen Smith, Marcia Lewis, Elsie Jenkins, Ed Murray, Lydia L. Main, Joe Fromme, Jan Day, Bill Edge, Gale Bradbury. Absent: MTC, MOC/TVY.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:50 a.m., at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT.




1. Ann Penfield moved and Jan Day seconded a motion to approve the April 29, 1997 minutes. The motion carried.

2. Lydia Main moved and Ann Davis seconded a motion to approve the May 6, 1997 special meeting minutes. The motion carried.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: Bill reported on the April 30,1997 Treasurer's Report. Income was low as is normal for this time of year. Under disbursements travel included $434 for CODI; Maintenance – HARD/SOFT included the annual maintenance contract; System Cost – Training was Rick Widlansky's training at CODI; Consulting included payments to Rob McGee plus photocopying; and New Equipment was for 5 barcode readers and 1 Wyse 150 terminal. There was a consensus to receive the report.


1. RMG Update and LION Review Group Recommendations.

a. LION Project. Bill handed out several reports including a list of members for the Joint Project and LION only project, E- mail from Rob McGee about the vendor meetings, a list of the possible models for the LION only and Joint Projects, E-mail report from Bill Edge of the LION Review Group meeting held May 20, 1997, E- mail report from Bill Edge of the Joint Project Review Group meeting held May 22, 1997, List of Joint Project possibilities, and E- mail from Dick Akeroyd about the eligibility of consortium to apply for the Universal Service Fund.

Leslie discussed the meetings of the past month with Rob McGee and the various vendors. Rob has met individually with Bibliomation and Connect and LION. Bill summarized the schedule of meetings. Leslie talked about the various models proposed and those which the Review Group felt could be eliminated. The paths of the LION only Project and the Joint Project are parallel – there is much overlap but still a need to continue both. Model #2 for standalone systems was not seen as a viable option. Z39.50 is not good for multiple searches. Model # 3 is more expensive but may work in a Joint Project where each consortium had a standalone system. Model # 4 can be eliminated due to the cost – it would be better to go with the Joint Project.

Bill commented on weighing the value of a system – If libraries want to see patron and holdings information in addition to bibliographic information and they want to share patron files, then Z39.50 is not acceptable. There is a need for some sort of centralized system with integrated records.

Bill mentioned that Rob was looking for some feedback from the group on a direction we wish to go in. Discussion followed on how much feedback to give Rob. A question was raised on how much Rob should help those libraries who decide a centralized system is too expensive or will not meet their needs. This study does not give enough information for choosing a standalone system. There was a consensus to have Rob comment on all the models.

The LION Review Group met Tuesday, May 20th. Leslie discussed the written report of the meeting. The Review Group feels in terms of looking at a next system a centralized model makes the most sense. They found Innovative Interface (III) to be a good choice but very expensive. They do have a presence in Connecticut. Data Research Associates (DRA) has a good system but not the right one for us. CARL is good because many Connecticut Libraries are using it – but many users do not like it.

A question was raised on how soon LION must move forward. Bill discussed our current limitations in terms of number of users and main memory. We have some breathing room for the system but will need to move ahead with the telecom upgrade. The Review Group recommends that LION consider the outsourced model 8 CARL option but that a team be established to look at CARL sites. Sharing a system headquarters with the two other consortia makes sense even if we keep three separate systems. There was a consensus to look into this. There was not a consensus among the Review Group on the value of ILS functionality vs. connectivity. Systems are good at one and not necessarily the other. Ann Penfield mentioned the possibility of buying "pieces" of functionality from different vendors.

Leslie thanked Bill for making the arrangements for the meetings. Bill pointed out that Mark Hewes and Rick Widlansky did most of the work.

Valerie Harrod moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion to create a task force for LION to look at the functionality of CARL and III systems in various sites. Anne Calvert will appoint a task force to do so, with a report due back to the LION Board by its July meeting. The motion carried.

b. Joint Project. Anne Calvert mentioned that Bibliomation has signed a contract to outsource their system to CARL. There are cost incentives to an outsourced solution with CARL. Discussion followed on how it could work – would it benefit "our library"? CARL is up for sale with Ameritech as a possible buyer. Bill Edge discussed the May 22nd meeting of the Joint Project Review Group (E-mail from Bill Edge 5/23). Model 5 was eliminated due again to the limitations of searching with Z39.50. Model 6, the "Next Generation" integrated system is not here yet so we would need to look at a legacy system(s).

There was a consensus among the Board to pursue a joint facility. There is also a consensus to jointly look at CARL and III system. We must also look at issues related to staffing and governance but the Board felt it was too soon to do so now.

2. Managing Technology in Public Libraries Leadership Institute – LION provide travel support if a LION public library director is chosen: Susan Donovan moved and Jan Day seconded a motion to give up to $200 for travel if a LION Library Director is chosen to attend a Managing Technology in Public Libraries conference in August.


1. LION Staff Reports:

a.  Bill Edge handed out his written report.

b.  Mark Hewes handed out his report and mentioned there was text missing so he would be sending a revised report in the mail. Joe Fromme handed out his report. He mentioned that on Friday he was able to log onto LION from the newly renovated Blackstone Library.

2. PAC Committee: Marcia Lewis The PAC Committee will meet Wednesday, May 28 at Middletown.

3. Bibliographic Committee: No report, the next meeting will be May 29th.

4. Circulation Committee: No report, the next meeting will be June 12th.

5. Personnel Committee: Jan Day reported on the meeting held today. They will be recommending salary increases to the Finance Committee. They reviewed staff evaluations done by Bill and Mark. She also asked for feedback from Board members for Bill's evaluation which will be done soon.

6. Finance Committee: Karen Smith reported the last Finance Committee meeting was canceled and requested that the Finance Committee set another date after the Board meeting. [Date has been set for Tuesday, June 17, 9 a.m. at Middletown.]

7. Planning Committee: Leslie reported that this Committee must meet to decide how to pay for Telecom. A date will be chosen after the meeting. [Date has been set for Thursday, June 5, 9 a.m. at Middletown – Topics to include who pays for telecom.]




1. Next meeting: June 19, 1997 – 8:30 a.m. at the Guilford Library and June 20, 1997 – 9:00 possibly at Middlesex. (watch your e-mail for confirmation). These Board meetings will be held with Rob McGee. The regular meeting on June 24th will not be held.

2. Refreshments:

a. June 19th: Morning Old Lyme; lunch will be arranged by Guilford and LION staff.

b. June 20th: LION

3. A motion was made by Lydia Main to adjourn at 12:03 p.m. The motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gale F. Bradbury, Secretary

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