Board Minutes 1997 07

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
July 22, 1997


Present: President Anne G. Calvert, Ann Davis, Lydia L. Main, Susan Donovan, Gennett Grinnell, Jan Day, Ann Penfield, Howard Einsohn, Marcia Welsh, Linda Rusczek, Liz Creighton, Leslie Scherer, Valerie Harrod, Karen Smith, Marlene Palmquist, Ed Murray, Marcia Lewis, Sandy Long, Mark Hewes, Bill Edge.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m., at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT.

II. ADDITIONS: Old Lyme to Join holds cluster.

III. PUBLIC COMMENT: Anne Calvert announced Ann Penfield will be retiring on July 31st and wished her well. Bill Edge handed out a history of LION officers noting that Ann Penfield served as an officer for 11 years and was involved from the beginning. He thanked Ann for her years of service and presented her with a mug. He also welcomed Howard Einsohn who will fill in on the Board for Ann until her replacement is found.


1. Leslie Scherer moved and Ann Penfield seconded a motion to approve the June 18, 1997 minutes. Bill noted one correction under "Approval of Minutes": the date of the minutes being approved should be May 27, 1997. The minutes were approved as corrected.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: Bill reported on the June 30,1997 Treasurer's Report. He noted the income exceeded the budgeted amount and the Operating Expenses were less than the amount budgeted for. Capital Expenses were more than the amount budgeted. The Insurance payment was for the year in advance; Maintenance Hard/soft was for the Dynix maintenance contract. Consulting under Capital Expenses was for Rob McGee and New Equipment was the access servers for Branford, Guilford and Stony Creek.There was a consensus to receive the report.


1. LION/Joint Project:

a. JPRG Chair – 6 month rotation: Bill Edge handed out a draft workplan for the Memorandum of Agreement. The Chair for the Joint Project Review Group will rotate every 6 months. Bill Edge acted as Project Administrator initially. Ann Montgomery Smith of New Britain (CONNECT) will serve as the first chair, then a LION member will serve, then a Bibliomation member. Bill noted it was more appropriate for a Boardmember to serve rather than staff. The Joint Project Directors Dency Sargent, Mike Simonds, and Bill Edge have been meeting regularly and will report to the JPRG.

JPRG Workplan: Bill Edge reviewed the workplan draft for the JPRG. Items to be done include Establish a Joint Project Organization, plan a budget, contract with a Joint Project Planning Coordinator, create a fourth organization; Get independent telecommunications consultant support, meet with SNET and the State Library, given the outcome of the former, investigate engaging a telecommunications consultant; Conduct a priority investigation of the outsourcing solutions proposed by CARL and III, present report to JPRG from "away team" on visits to CARL and III sites, meet with CARL and III about outsourcing proposals, address the outcome of the CLN RFP, given outcome of the former hold full demonstrations by CARL and III or other systems, and determine procurement process; Promote standardization of specifications for equipment, select equipment, investigate network computers; Encourage all libraries to upgrade their local telecommunications to frame relay, support libraries ready to upgrade, decide on the possibility of shared JP staff to provide network support, participate in Universal Service Fund discounts, implement telecommunications plans based on outcomes of action steps listed for MOA #

2. Outsource where appropriate, system or telecommunications; Consider a central site; Encourage other P-Plus networks to participate in the Joint Project, explore areas for the State Library to share; Negotiate large group discounts for value-added databases; Develop a workplan by July 1997. Bill discussed the issues in the plan which needed input from LION Board members. The budget will need to include consulting services for the ILS, telecommunications and legal advice, an 18 month part-time project coordinator, administrative overhead and travel money to support "away teams". He went on to discuss how the costs should be allocated. Some options include a 3-way split, per library split, per user – number of terminals (recommended by Rob McGee), library budgets, AENGLC ranking, and school lunch programs. East Lyme Library expressed concerns about the costs – Will LION pay for this from their capital fund or will libraries have to pay extra and if so how much. Lion will use money from the capital funds plus the money they have already put into the budget for this. Leslie Scherer felt the most fair way to charge is per user. Ann Penfield suggested looking at library budgets although there are irregularities in the way they are reported. There was a consensus to divide costs per user. The second choice would be by library budgets excluding building costs and capital expenses.

Anne Calvert discussed contracting for a part-time Joint Project Planning Coordinator. The person would work 20 hrs/wk from the LION office. LION would pay the salary and be reimbursed from the other consortium. This person would coordinate the activities for the group. Bill stated the qualities needed for this position and a recommended range of $15-20/hr. Leslie Scherer moved and Ann Penfield seconded a motion to have LION support the hiring of a part-time coordinator for the Joint Project. All in favor.

Bill discussed the need for independent telecommunications consulting support. We need help with phasing in frame relay- how do we get from where we are today to where we want to be? We also need to know about comprehensive workstation management and software and what capacity bandwidth is needed. There was a consensus on the need for telecommunication consulting support. Mark Hewes mentioned that each consortia is at a different place. Bibliomation wants to forego consulting and implement a plan as soon as possible.

Bill described the problems they are experiencing with the frame relay system for the Blackstone Library. There are 9 parties involved with the equipment installed for the frame relay – Problems have developed and it is difficult to get anyone to fix it. Bill feels LION should have full control of the telecommunications network. He recommends two options: 1) that LION buy the necessary equipment and contract with SNET to install it to correct the problems at Branford (4-6 wks at a cost of $6,000 – 8,000) or 2) install a 56 kb leased digital lan line(4 wks at a cost of $280/mo.). Reinstalling a dedicated line would be less expensive but Bill prefers moving toward a LION controlled frame relay.

Susan Donovan moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion authorizing LION to establish a dedicated frame relay circuit between LION and the Blackstone Library. The motion carried.

c. "Away Team"/LION Committee reports/recommendations:

Mark handed out his report of the "Away Team". The report noted "LION has functionality now which either is not present or insufficient in CARL to meet the needs and expectations of both our staff and patrons. In comparison, the Away Team did not observe any deficiencies in functionality at the III sites we visited." Mark noted their reason for looking at the sites was not to choose one or the other but to find reasons for eliminating either of them. The team recommends eliminating CARL.

Anne Calvert asked for feedback on how to proceed – what to do first? Leslie proposed looking at Telecommunications but also noted that if we want to work with CONNECT we must also look at new systems now. Looking at an outsourced model was also discussed. There was a consensus to continue to look at new systems.

Marcia Lewis reported on the PAC Committee meeting and recommendation. A written report was handed out along with the minutes of the meeting. The PAC Committee recommends that neither CARL or III be eliminated from consideration as possible future online systems.

2. Russell Library Space – Possible additional for LION/JP – Bill reported on the possibility of getting additional basement space in the Russell Library for LION and the Joint Project. The Russell Library has purchased the building in back which they plan to use for technical services. LION may be able to use the space vacated by Tech services. Bill discussed the advantages of staying at the Russell Library. There was a consensus to have LION explore the possibility.

3. Share Network Support Manager with CONNECT? – Bill Edge reported on the recent departure of Joe Fromme from LION and Tom Sweda(sp?) from Bibliomation. He discussed the current job description with the dual function of network support and training. LION is now in need of high level technical support and as such Bill recommends rewriting the job description to emphasize the network support functions. He also indicated a need to pay this person at a higher rate than we had planned. The current opening was advertised and to date one candidate applied. CONNECT has asked to share this person with LION. This may be a way to offer the kind of salary that would attract a qualified person. Susan Donovan moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion to share a network support manager with CONNECT. All voted in favor. Bill will rewrite the job description and re-advertise.


1. LION Staff Reports: Mark Hewes handed out his written report.

2. Pac Committee: Reported above.

3. Bibliographic Committee: The Bibliographic Committee met last week. They discussed the site visits and expressed concerns with loosing functionality we already have. The next meeting will be Sept. 4th. The task force will meet after the Board meeting.

4. Circulation Committee – No report – the July meeting did not have a quorum. The next meeting is scheduled in October. 5. Personnel Committee: The Committee is still working on Bill's evaluation. They will meet with Bill in September.

6. Finance Committee: No report.

7. Planning Committee: No report.

VIII. OLD BUSINESS: Anne Calvert announced that if there were no objections they would be joining the holds cluster this afternoon. Mark mentioned the Circulation Committee meeting would have been scheduled for Sept. 11th -Mark would like them to meet before October to look at the functionality we now have in the same way the Bib Committee did. Libraries need to be aware of what we have now in order to evaluate new systems. Bill reported on a plan by the State Library to study IL patterns in CT and to eliminate transporting holds placed between libraries in a consortium. Karen Smith moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion to form a task force to consider the how, why and what it takes for LION to do it now, and how we might do it on other systems. All voted in favor.



1. Next meeting: August 26, 1997 – 9:30 a.m. at the Russell Library in Middletown.

2. Refreshments: Mashantucket Pequot Research Library

3. A motion was made by Susan Donovan and Seconded by Lydia Main to adjourn at 12:45P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gale F. Bradbury, Secretary

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